A Song Of An Autumn Midnight Poem by Li Po

A Song Of An Autumn Midnight

Rating: 2.6

A slip of the moon hangs over the capital;
Ten thousand washing-mallets are pounding;
And the autumn wind is blowing my heart
For ever and ever toward the Jade Pass....
Oh, when will the Tartar troops be conquered,
And my husband come back from the long campaign!

Trac N Nguyen 25 December 2020

子夜秋歌 長安一片月, 萬戶擣衣聲。 秋風吹不盡, 總是玉關情。 何日平胡虜, 良人罷遠征? Tử Dạ thu ca Trường An nhất phiến nguyệt, Vạn hộ đảo y thanh. Thu phong xuy bất tận, Tổng thị Ngọc quan tình. Hà nhật bình Hồ lỗ, Lương nhân bãi viễn chinh?

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* Sunprincess * 13 September 2015

.........beautiful poetry...a song of war, a cry for peace, and a missing loved one ★

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Yvette Hua 25 December 2013

It sounds so different when it is written in English. Chinese poem and Western poem are different in nature. This translation cannot express Chinses poetic aesthetism well, and i dount if any translation can. If somebody wants to read real Chinses poetry, please learn Chinese first~

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Hribhu Dey 13 May 2011

swings my heart.....ur poems made nice reading...excellent composition...i loved reading ur poem..plz read my poem I AM A PROLETARIAT and leave a comment plz

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Li Po

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