A Spring Morning Poem by anais vionet

A Spring Morning

Give me a spring morning, far from winter's troubles.
On an earth axis-turned toward the life-giving sun.

Announce it with trumpets of yellow daffodils and tulips.

Watch as young, colorful, impressionist, bluebell,
dogwood, snowdrop, and primrose blossoms preen,
in the candid radiance of the abaxial springtime sun.

Enjoy new life dancing, playfully on tactile wafts of warm air.

Inhale that air, freshly fragranced by flowers in luscious bloom.

Catch the bright chirp of new life and hear the humble
buzz of bees hard at their work spreading the pollen of life.

Then lengthen these hopeful, verdant days, like a blessing.
**It doesn't feel like spring yet, I'm going with it, but I'm thirsty for it.*

A Spring Morning
Sunday, March 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: spring,warmness,sun,flowers
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