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You "adults", you exasperate me
with your evasions and delays.
You're going to have to change
some of the ways that you behave.

Dear careless whisperer,
Some sharings are dagger-edged
and there is no escape when they're turned on you
no countermagic for the soul crushing embarrassment

(a firefly)

Put that imagination away before you hurt someone.


"It's just a rough draft, "
he said with a laugh
but the joke is half epitaph.

I stumble pajamaed, half asleep toward the object of my desire.
in memory, it calls to me, of passionate pleasures experienced prior.
The morning's night is the consummate time for secret rondeaus discrete.
With ninjaly sneak I arrive at the door - my illicit joy within reach.

Doot do, doot doot - News FLASH from boredom central.

I've got extra New Year plans.
My Ladybug & Cat Noir Onesie pajamas are at the ready.

beauty is a witch
the kiss of light, a trick
a mask, a banquet
a spell, a curse

Sunny and her love-object have broken up.

It was a selfie-inflicted wound - a slapdash pic taken,
that like a puzzle, revealed more than intended.


We are poor creatures
slimy organs imprisoned in flesh.
The sun burns us, water drowns us
our lives are rough and short,

Last night, Lisa, Peter, Leeza and I were in her father's 50th floor study watching New York City. It's a corner room with glass walls from floor to ceiling. He likes to watch the city himself and has a small,5 seat sectional couch facing the view.

The left wall window looks across Hell's Kitchen to exactly where Sully Sullenberger crash landed flight 1549 in the Hudson river (it was 3: 31 pm and no one was home) . The right window overlooks Central Park and Upper Manhattan. Lincoln Center, almost dead center of the corner, looks like part of a toy train-set.

Chick-fil-a = the best place ever
jade = bEotch
brooke = gorgeous

Draw a stick figure
future - diminished
and virus ransomed.

You made me rub you
I didn't want to do it
I didn't want to do it

Ok, I'm not paid to think (like the TV shouting heads) , I have no real voice (vote) , and certainly no credentials - but I'm as invested in America as any high-school citizen can be - I've pledged allegiance 3000 times (hhmmm.. do they doubt our loyalty?)and when it comes to loving America I'd have to say my classmates and I are at the center of the spell.

I'm afraid we're growing up in the age of hate.. the age of phony outrage where each position large or small is high noon and violence is underfoot even when policing ordinary citizens.

Holidays go by quickly, as if they don't want to hang around. My life seems to be happening at warp speed.

Lisa and I start our two-month summer fellowships tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's actually happening. Like most things in my life, this fellowship started as an obligation to my mom - shrouded in vague, emotional shadows - to perform the impossible.

Where'd you go boy - I've no way of knowing.
Life without you's, less fun, than as I was hoping,
if you asked me, I'd have to say I'm coping,
but there are definitely times, I feel less devoted.

It's Sunday afternoon and several of us, Leong, Sunny, Anna, Lisa and her new BF Dave (well, he isn't ‘new, ' he's 26) and I are watching an NFL football game. The Eagles vs the Jets.

There's a platter of wings, fries, celery and dips on the low-white table for grazing and everyone's multitasking while watching the game. Leong, Lisa and I on iPads, Anna, and Dave are on laptops and Sunny has a book.

In a breeze of timid whispers
and with wary downcast eyes
the secret world was opened
to where true depth of feeling lies.

It was one of those gray but somehow bright-skied New England Wednesday mornings that made you sad for anyone who wasn't there. Fall freshness demanded my attention, like a hungry pet, from every open lattice-window in our stuffy common room.

As I watched, for a marvelous moment, the world was a cartoon whirly-gig. Trees, writhed, animal-like, to be free of their multicolor leaves, shedding them - like bad blind-dates. The four-color debris was immediately drafted away on gust-streams, those invisible elves, and politely scattered in corners.

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I'm a Yale University student (junior) . I like writing, and have these awful tiktok, Animal Crossing and pizza addictions =])

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You "adults", you exasperate me
with your evasions and delays.
You're going to have to change
some of the ways that you behave.
You aren't doing your homework,
you haven't cleaned the planet,
You aren't standing up to bullies,
you haven't been sharing your things,
and you're even playing with guns.
And you're pretending everything's ok.
You were taught better than this.
Sorry, but.. You're all grounded people.
And hand over those phones!

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Adrian Flett 19 October 2020

I like the good straight sense of your verse. Also the admonition we in this generation deserve.

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Adam M 21 December 2020

Flawless Poetry! Like Adrian mentioned, there is a straight sense of verses

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Sandra Feldman 23 December 2020

An excellent poem of beauty and wisdom, yet carefully balanced with realism

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Khairul Ahsan 15 August 2023

'You aren't doing your homework, you haven't cleaned the planet, You aren't standing up to bullies' - largely true and deserves the admonition meted out.

1 0 Reply
anais vionet 15 August 2023

Thanks Khairul, but no one listened

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Bri Edwards 09 November 2022

anais says she spends some early a.m.s writing and caffeine imbibing. If she keeps it up, and if she desires it, I think she could earn a living at writing her poem-stories. It is often a delight to read her stuff here, which I've only done since I 'discovered' her quite recently. ;) bri

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That Man Again... 11 April 2022

Another Robert Murray Smith false account.

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aiden 31 August 2021

good work

1 0 Reply
Anais Vionet 25 December 2020

Thank you =]

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