Grounded Poem by anais vionet


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You "adults", you exasperate me
with your evasions and delays.
You're going to have to change
some of the ways that you behave.
You aren't doing your homework,
you haven't cleaned the planet,
You aren't standing up to bullies,
you haven't been sharing your things,
and you're even playing with guns.
And you're pretending everything's ok.
You were taught better than this.
Sorry, but.. You're all grounded people.
And hand over those phones!

Saturday, October 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,guns,homework,teen
grounded isn't the worst - but it's close
Terry Craddock 10 October 2020

'You " adults" , you exasperate me with your evasions and delays' you have perceived a true echo of childhood personalities, below the surface ingrained within character flaws, tipping the balance back towards a time of toddler feet denial and evasion

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Terry Craddock 16 October 2020

Business Profit Interest Evasions Delays international business corporate business local business all are masters at evasive delays when it suits owing payments gaining interests on accounts not promptly paid money withheld excuse cheque in mail was policy old school evasion delay tactics Inspired by the poem 'Grounded' by the poet anais vionet. Dedicated to the poet anais vionet.

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Terry Craddock 16 October 2020

I wrote the split image 'Echoes Of Playground Evasions Delays Polished', and the poem 'The Art Of Evasions Delays In Discourse', inspired by the poem 'Grounded' by the poet anais vionet and dedicated to the poet anais vionet. Part of the appeal of this poem is having two teenage daughters just below the age of anais, the truth and justification of the accusations made, and the confiscated phones, a threat my wife too often employs.

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Kostas Lagos 10 October 2020

I love the way this poem is written...reminds me of what I was saying when I was young. Then I grew up and became a perfect hypocrite like all the other adults!

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Sandra Feldman 19 October 2020

Great Poem! You tell 'em! A lot of talk, but those that make the rules for others are the first to brake them. I totally agree with you, we certainly have no right to destroy this gorgeous, generous blue planet. And those that do should be exiled to outer space and yes, with their phones taken away. This poem certainly deserves to be, Poem of the Day! Congratulations

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Rajan T Renganathan 10 June 2023

The anger of a teen on Adults is but natural, they see the things differently and by the time they themselves will become Adults, I am sure they will laugh at it for they were perceiving. Good Poem Full Stars

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Bri Edwards 27 February 2023

After reading some very? serious accusations against 'adults', I laughed, quietly, inside my body mostly, when I read 'Sorry, but.. You're all grounded people.'....Are you REALLY sorry? ;)

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Bri Edwards 14 January 2023

five stars

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Bri Edwards 14 January 2023

I haven't 'had' a god in over 50 years, so I'm to be excused for ANY of MY behavior. DON'T touch my phone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I'm warnin' you, anais! bri : )

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Bri Edwards 14 January 2023

I'm a first-time reader of this poem but have enjoyed quite a few from anais (not all) in the last few months. People should NOT be expected to be any better than their god/gods is/are at doing what some moralist may consider 'the right way to act'! ! !

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anais vionet

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