A Story For Everyone! Poem by Denis Martindale

A Story For Everyone!

The Bible pages tell us truths,
Some truths God only knows!
Of wayward kings and wayward youths,
Of faithful friends and foes!
With love the wondrous central theme
Across the centuries,
As God works out His perfect dream,
His Kingdom borne of peace...

God talks to each heart on this Earth,
Through stars that shine above
And blessings that we don't deserve,
Except that God is love...
That's why the sun and rain exist,
That's why each rose can bloom,
That's why we smile when we've been kissed
And then hope to resume...

The flowers reach up to the sky
From where all blessings fall,
While Man looks up and questions, Why?
Until he hears God's call...
And only then can Man find hope,
Enough to read God's Word,
Such that he finds the faith to cope,
When strength alone's absurd...

For what can strength do when death nears?
Delay a little while?
But after that, Man fights his fears,
Not always with a smile...
No wonder, then, that Christ was sad
The day He faced His death
And yet He gave God all He had,
Until His final breath...

The Bible tells us what it cost
To spare us all from Hell,
God's Son once died to save the lost,
With love that's hard to tell...
Some weep when they explain such things!
Some tremble mightily!
How come God let the King of Kings
Die there... on Calvary?

To suffer so, to bleed and bleed,
As if His life in vain...
How then could Jesus Christ succeed
To rise from death again?
Yet God had promised Jesus so,
That's why Lord Jesus died,
Despite the fact that He must go
And there be crucified...

Of all the stories to unfold,
The Bible grants us faith,
The greatest story ever told
God shares, our souls to save!
If we've believed and were baptised!
If we've been born again!
Then we join hands with Jesus Christ
And likewise preach to men...

We tell the stories to ourselves
And to our children read,
By taking Bibles from our shelves,
Our hearts and minds to feed...
And maybe one day we'll support
God's Christian Ministry
And spare some money and some thought
For the Bible Society!

Denis Martindale, copyright, January 2014.

The Bible Society details can be found
from the Google search engine results...

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