A Stray Cat

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I've often wondered to myself
what causes cats to stray;
are they fleeing from a cruel life
and trying to run away?

Or are they lost and far from home
and don't know what to do
for food and shelter from the storm
and so they turn to you.

One day I looked out in my yard
and what did I behold
a stray cat sitting rigidly
and shivering from the cold.

He looked like he was starving
his eyes were filled with fear
but when I tried to comfort him
he wouldn't let me near.

So I tempted him with cat food
and when I stroked his fur
he answered with a timid meow
and then began to purr.

I took him in and fed him,
then he prowled around my house,
was he just getting acquainted,
or was he looking for a mouse?

In time my stray adopted me
and claimed me for his own
he told my friends and family
'This is my new home'.

He'd found what he was looking for
a place of loving care
from which he'd have to stray no more
and be happy living there.

So if a stray comes to your door
and meows 'Can I come in? '
just welcome him with loving arms
and he will never stray again.

A Stray Cat
Monday, October 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: home
Loke Kok Yee 06 October 2015

You tell your story extremely well, lovely flow and rhyme. Simple yet o nice to read. Thanks.-10

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Mark Bell 05 October 2015

Very good poetry like this Bit of a stray myself Talented

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James Donovan 05 October 2015

Thanks Mark. The picture is my cat Casey, who was a stray and has been a part of my life ever since.

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