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There is great truth in the saying that great minds think alike.
And it's seen in your lovely poems which is much to my delight.

Your eyes can clearly perceive what others find hard to see,

There is poetry in the air and everywhere even in a stringy hair,
But it has to be in rhythm and rhyme then everyone can share.
This I'd been trying to do in spite of many obstacles in the way,
My heart was filled with desire but my thoughts they always stray.

In the prime of his life yet with just a wasted frame
Clad in tattered clothing but he was long immune to shame
Unruffled he would sit while passing pedestrians stared
Munching on a stale loaf, which another tramp had shared

When I went to bed last night I dreamed I was a worm,
Beneath the ground in fertile soil happily I did roam.
In a world where there was no caste, class or creed,
Devoid of wicked deeds or sinister thoughts to breed.

To all the kindly mothers who had made the sacrifice
May your day be filled with joy and oh! so very nice
And all you fathers reading this, do not be dismayed
Just hug your lovely spouses for all the happy days

Do not send me a bouquet red
Of fragrant roses which I dread
I will forget to water them
Then you will frown and say ahem!

There is much pity when we see a beggar man
Others who see him and are filled with contempt
But if we were to see things their way if we can
It will not be anything like you have ever dreamt

The sun broke through with a hopeful gleam
As a country woke to realize a dream
To rid the state of a ruinous blight
Which had for long, been wielding their might

What shall I write
‘Ere the restless sun unveils the morn
With vapours still o'er a placid lake

There was this tippler from Kashmir
Who spent all his time drinking beer
Needed a place to pee
Where others cannot see

If there are a thousand refugees out there
And for nine hundred and ninety nine we cared
Can we stand up tall with our conscience clear?
And just shrug off the one left behind in fear

Saw a picture waiting, with an image bold
With a story hidden, waiting to be told


Insidiously he rode in the first time around
Only slow in booting and minor glitches found
Then my programs began behaving very strange
Little was being presented the way I arranged

There was this floozy rather old
Loves to canoodle with the bold
She would ply them with beer
Till their eyes were quite blear

Now this floozy works as a lumberjack
Enjoys having a romp in a haystack
But you'll have to be strong
She does it all day long

Now this floozy is a bodybuilder
She can lift you up with just a finger
But she is known to have fits
So, you better call it quits

There was this floozy who is a bender
Sometimes unsure of his own gender
With the ladies he'll play
And also, guys who're gay

‘twas hot and humid with a threatening sky
But the rain just would not fall
Not even a night breeze to bring some relief
While life slackened to a crawl

The Best Poem Of Loke Kok yee

To Valsa George And Akhtar Jawad

There is great truth in the saying that great minds think alike.
And it's seen in your lovely poems which is much to my delight.

Your eyes can clearly perceive what others find hard to see,
Simple lines from creative minds, I think that must be the key.

Your poetry is an inspiration to the rest who are less blessed,
Providing them the guidance for flaws that need to be addressed.

When I'm covered with goose pimples or a tear falls from my eye,
It came from reading your poetry a fact which I cannot deny.

There must be many writer who are just as poetically endowed,
I will seek them out and read their works if time and age allow.

Loke Kok yee Comments

Valsa George 15 October 2015

A new entrant on poem hunter Loke kok yee from Malaysia Pursues poetry like a devotee At once a novice and an expert Generous in his praise Sincere in his approach He makes himself lovable To poets both young and old May poetry give him delight Into invincible heights Let Fate accelerate his flight That he may soar like a kite! In course of time, let him harvest Much love and respect from the elite! !

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Melvina Germain 19 October 2015

I love my journey in poetry more and more when I meet such poets like Loke Kok Yee. This humble man lights up my day. Though he says he's a new poet, I beg to differ, his work is beautiful, his images are bold and one can see he brings out his soul. I look forward to more and more of the delightful penning of Loke Kok Yee.....

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Simone Inez Harriman 06 February 2016

Loke Kok Yee's poems uplift the spirit. Many of his poems will always bring a smile and lighten the heavy heart. Others are reflective, deep and insightful. This is his soul. This is his magic.

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Chinonso Iroegbu 11 June 2016

A very great poet, your writing is unique.

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Bri Edwards 05 October 2016

the brick (with attached note) that was thrown through our picture window last night. how sneaky can ya get! ? i really don't want to know. =========================================== now on to one of your magnificent poems! bri ;)

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 06 January 2018

Though i have never met Loke Kok Yee, i visualise him as a wonderful spirit. He writes poems for the pure joy of writing poetry. This is reflected in all his poems. His poems are full of wit, knowledge and a deep philosophy. I love to read his poems. It brings so much of happiness. May God bless him with good health and a long life. And of course, many, many poems in the days to come.

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Tan Lye Kiat 24 November 2017

It amazes me what you can produce with the stroke of your pen. You found a like-minded community to share your literary works. Never mind if a person cannot write still he can enjoy reading the wonderful compositions posted on this site. Thank you

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Bri Edwards 14 August 2017

did i leave a comment here SO RECENTLY? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! THERE must be something special about this poet. COULD it be the check i get in the mail every few months with the cryptic note saying: do something to promote me on PH, OR the checks will stop coming.? bri :) p.s. not only does he submit poems for all to read, but his comments and messages are often clever poems as well! and check out his quotes (see above) . I'VE NEVER been a politician, but i believe the rest of the quotes have something to do with ME!

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Bri Edwards 08 June 2017

do yourselves a favor and check out LKy's [also known, to me, as Bro's] stimulating, fantastical, super-delicious poem: Blackbeard Wrote A Poem. it is a journey you may never forget (unless you are now as old as i am) . AND IT IS not just great BECAUSE it mentions Bri and Valsa and Akhtar and other PH members! ! ! ! but it IS better for having done so. bri ;)

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Valsa George 29 May 2017

In acknowledgement on my poet friend Loke Loke, as a poet you are witty and clever Your poems and images give us pleasure You write with much flair A quality quite rare You’re endowed with humor in great measure

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Homo Sapiens is the only species capable of self extinction; and is working hard at it.

People with the least knowledge have the strongest opinions

Fools are always right and they rightly remain as fools

Fools are sometimes right but they do not know it

The only good politicians are those who are not successful

Fools work very hard to be what they already are....... fools

An honest politician is as rare as a virgin in a brothel

Silence convey the most heartfelt messages

The elected leader of a country is the best indicator of the number of fools in that country or otherwise.

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