A Timeless Message, A Final Lesson Poem by S.J. Goldner

A Timeless Message, A Final Lesson

Rating: 4.1

Burning thy bridges—dost thou make you happy, my daughter?
When all is said and done, will you not be standing in a heaping pile
of ash and soot? Of the wreckage of a life once so well-lived;
I love you, my daughter—but I cannot stand by to see this:

You, clawing at the grains of society and tearing up the foothills of humanity
with your savage beauty and fiery intellect—
An intelligence that is aflame, my daughter,
but one that is no doubt channeled in anger & lust.

I tried to keep you safe from the evil of this world, my daughter,
however it sank into thy bones. —Where is the peace I patiently taught you
by example? —I see no signs of it in thy thrashing heart.
I ran out of ideas, my daughter, and now I am gone—

Yet you live on, in my footsteps, in my memory, bearing my name.
I hesitate to say: Make me proud. Although when you feel my love—
like a fulfilling contentment in your dreams—wake up with it in thy heart
and be brave enough to keep it lit throughout the day.

And that, my daughter,
Is where you shall begin.

Amy Marie 07 February 2010

I like to power of the writing style of this poem.

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~ Jon London ~ 29 September 2009

You have expressed with many emotions in this great piece, the loss..the sadness..the pain...the memory...the love...all wrapped up in this well presented poem...I loved the spoken words between you both...it adds a real feel to it....lovely work

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Ric Bastasa 25 September 2009

thought provoking, sentimentally beautiful, i like this poem too.

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Nalini Hebbar 23 September 2009

yeah i am back...great read...liked the conversation with your mother...regards

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Edwin Baldwin 22 September 2009

Sorry about your Mother sounds like she was a great person to know Every new day brings with it a new dawn, and everything starts at the beginning..10

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