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It's real: the fury. Like the absence and breakdown of
chlorophyll in autumn leaves. The anger comes in spurts,
and spits out like growth.
Truth is ever only partially told, at best.

Here & There

Here a few poems,
there a few tears
what more do you need
to give shape to your life?


see 's./j. goldner' for my poems contributed 2004 - 2008

S.J. Goldner Poems

A Timeless Message, A Final Lesson

Burning thy bridges—dost thou make you happy, my daughter?
When all is said and done, will you not be standing in a heaping pile
of ash and soot? Of the wreckage of a life once so well-lived;
I love you, my daughter—but I cannot stand by to see this:

Price Of The Season, The

(slight edit)

The days since you
have been more than difficult.

Savvy Gambler, The

I search for things to cloud my mind,
to maintain a dulling of the pain.
The suffering is drowning,
but the sense of self is ever-growing.

To Love Is Now An Option.

I will continue to live.
To love is an option.
When life has torn your gut out
and swallowed it whole,

Valentine's Day

A petite blonde gives her beau a lingering hug in the street;
she is leaving him and i can feel the bittersweetness of their parting.

An elder couple, hand-in-hand, wait to cross the avenue

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Mary X 02 June 2011

A One in the face of Many: eyes peeping through like holes carved from reality, allowing all to flow in without regulation. What a pleasure. Such is the case and the case is such.

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Augustus Egg 22 December 2009

..she has a way of imbuing straightforward English with a kind of freshness that is hard to scoff at,

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