A To Z Immortal Love Poem by Nikhil Parekh

A To Z Immortal Love

Alluring; wholesomely luring even the most remotely alien; in its captivatingly spell binding swirl for centuries immemorial,
Auguring; magnificently evolving the most supremely royal destiny; that you would ever encounter on the trajectory of this mesmerizing planet,
Attractive; drifting even the most incorrigibly ruthless heads in its direction; as it magnetically trespassed across voluptuous soil,
Acclimatizing; blossoming beyond the zenith of wonderfully bestowing eternity; even in the most tumultuously ferocious rain; and ungainly storm,
Was the cradle of immortal love; not only bonding two bodies for countless births; but perpetually ensuring that their breaths diffused passionately together; for boundless decades yet to come.

Beautiful; charming even the most languidly dreariest of leaf in the morbid atmosphere; with its stupendous vivacity,
Blooming; sprouting and proliferating incomprehensible more of its kind; as every instant unveiled into a complete minute,
Bountiful; bequeathing upon every impoverished entity; whether rich or indigent; the magic of symbiotic existence; alike,
Blessed; engendering you to feel the richest organism on this Universe; once you made its compassionate beats an indispensable ingredient of your wandering soul,
Was the sky of immortal love; not only showering the rain of passionate goodness upon treacherously trembling soil; but perpetually ensuring that it spawned into a civilization of exuberant enthrallment; as every morning freshly overtook
the previous sinister night.

Captivating; inevitably drawing even the most diabolical of demons to replenish their shattered lives; with its perennial juice,
Camaraderie; affably bonding disgruntled souls in threads of friendship; enshrouding their bodies with divine benevolence,
Compassionate; triggering fireballs of untamed desire even in the heart of the murderously frigid night,
Calisthenics; astoundingly demonstrating that Herculean power can articulately evolve into a tornado of incredulous eloquence,
Was the fortress of immortal love; not only invincibly defending the most sacred manifestations of eternal romance; but perpetually ensuring that they blissfully gallivanted in corridors of unfettered yearning.

Delectable; as nimble as the fleet footed and innocuous rabbit; although it towered above everything else on this fathomless Universe,
Dreamy; rhapsodically fantasizing in the island of gregarious fascination; even as the lecherous indiscriminately sucked blood outside,
Doughty; marvelously facing every acrimonious obstacle that came its way; triumphantly marching past the limits of unparalleled success,
Dimpled; charismatically blushing into a valley of profound ecstasy; as you relentlessly stared at its tantalizingly seductive contours,
Was the ocean of immortal love; not only pacifying the overwhelmingly scorched ground of betrayal; but perpetually ensuring that it spawned into a paradise or irrefutable truth; and unfathomable belonging.

Eloquent; disseminating its magnanimous melody to every barbarically estranged cranny of this unsurpassably gargantuan Universe,
Everlasting; spiraling into a cloud of handsome fragrance beyond infinite infinity; leaving its essence of celestial peace and harmony wherever it went,
Endowed; inundating each iota of lackluster countenances with unbelievable talent and Oligarchic charm,
Emollient; disbursing its heavenly scent to all those arenas of the gargantuan continent; besieged with inexplicable despair and euphemistic pain,
Was the ring of immortal love; not only binding all irrespective of caste; creed; color or race; but perpetually ensuring that they embraced each other in whirlpools of passionate desire; till the time they relinquished their final breath.

Fabulous; stupendously casting its spell of unconquerable enigma; upon every lecherously monotonous soul staggering towards hopeless extinction,
Flowering; redolently springing into petals of optimistic light; to enlighten the lives of those deprived; and defunct of vibrantly melodious life,
Fragrant; ubiquitously disseminating the divinely aroma of brotherhood; in every speck of soil coalesced with; horrendously stinking manipulation and malice,
Fructifying; yielding the most priceless gifts of egalitarian humanity; without the most tiniest of investment or prejudice,
Was the rainbow of immortal love; not only perpetuating dungeons of obnoxious gloom with thunderbolts of perennial hope; but ensuring that every organism black or white; knocked the doors of glittering success; alike.

Grandiloquent; basking in the glorious splendor of resplendent beauty and exotically unfurling newness,
Gyrating; pulsating to the most stupefying tunes of ecstatic excitement; as the crimson fireball of Sun transcended beyond the golden horizons,
Giving; philanthropically donating all elements and celestial virtues; that surged forward to construct the most formidably resilient human kind,
Glittering; shimmering in the aisles of unmatched splendor and grace; to metamorphose all devastating disease; into a profusely Omnipotent garland of
Was the island of immortal love; not only instilling back euphoric cheer in the eyes of all those miserably shivering and divested; but perpetually ensuring that they intrepidly arose to the occasion called life; granting them a countless bountiful breaths; more to survive.

Highest; superceding everything else that was tangible and intangible; on the bedspread of this overwhelmingly mystifying Universe,
Handsome; majestically portraying each element of gorgeously endowing life; in the most dynamically supreme of its forms,
Heavenly; making every benign entity philandering passionately on this planet; manifest in entirety towards the pinnacle of its ultimate dreams,
Hallmark; the epitome of all achievements and fulfillment in destined life; distributing its sacrosanct virtue to every despicably devastated entity exhausted of life,
Was the immortal blanket of love; not only sequestering all those maimed and deplorably shivering in the winds of its congenial warmth; but ensuring that they resided as the ultimate kings of prosperity; for infinite more births; yet to come.

Ingratiating; spectacularly unveiling into a myriad of insurmountable brilliance; for all those deluged with disgusting solitude,
Incarcerating; imprisoning everyone all mortal and immortals; in its immaculately divine carpet of rhapsodic joy,
Innocuous; metamorphosing every commercially rotting entity; into realms of holistically sacrosanct childhood; once again,
Invincible; unflinchingly withstanding the most acridly mighty onslaught of the treacherous devil,
Was the fruit of immortal love; not only placating the hunger of all those despairingly decimated; but perpetually ensuring that nobody with a benign heart; never ever
slept a famished night.

Jaunty; forever smiling in a world of magical contentment; away and completely oblivious to the pathetically ludicrous vagaries; of this cold-blooded world,
Jingling; merrily cajoling even the most invidiously frazzled senses; with the profoundly oriental enchantment; in its glorious voice,
Juvenile; exploring and discovering a whole new world of fabulous excitement as each instant unleashed; romancing in the tantalizing clouds of unsurpassable eternity,
Jolly; forever blooming in the unprecedented ardor of existence; dissipating the true exhilaration of priceless life,
Was the pearl of immortal love; not only filtering divinely bliss through a hideously distorted web of mangled lies; but perpetually ensuring that the rudiments of survival; always stayed united above the rest.

Kingly; overshadowing all debris and abhorrent violence on the periphery of this boundless earth; to emerge irrevocably triumphant in every sphere of inscrutably seductive life,
Kind; hugging all those baselessly orphaned trembling on the dusty streets; granting them holistic shelter in its majestic arms,
Karmic; philanthropically spreading the message of brotherhood and sharing; without expecting the slightest of emolument or salute,
Kaleidoscopic; encompassing multitudinal colors of a purifying existence; swaying nostalgically in waves of titillating longing; incessantly adding new dimensions to fatigued life,
Was the immortal Sun of love; not only fumigating the earth to be bereft of treachery and crime; but perpetually ensuring that the clouds showered globules of peace; upon every molecule created by the Almighty Lord; alike.

Lascivious; igniting thunderbolts of intimidating desire; even in the heart of the savagely frozen and sulking pond,
Luminating; radiating the sacred effulgence of humanity to far and wide; caressing all those severely afflicted with its mesmerizing humanitarian touch,
Loquacious; indefatigably bubbling in the fullest spirit of life; impregnating countless in the whirlpool of its never-ending enthusiasm,
Lovely; enveloping each grotesquely stumbling organism in the realms of gregariously convivial fantasy,
Was the immortal mountain of love; not only defending the unequivocally righteous cause of humanity from even the most infinitesimal trace of evil; but perpetually ensuring that each contaminated bit of lies; transformed into a cloud above paradise.

Marvelous; ruling the earth with the reigns of equality; ever since the time it was created,
Majestic; governing the entire impoverished planet with supreme tranquility and charm; representing a civilization uninhibitedly encapsulated with gloriously pulsating life,
Mollifying; mellowing cataclysmically unruly storms; with the enamoring sweetness in its sound,
Mystical; weaving a trail of compassionate fascination; for every living being to wholeheartedly trespass upon,
Was the immortal ship of love; not only wading like a resplendent fairy through the most bizarre of maelstroms; but perpetually ensuring that life on the planet; never came to a ghastly standstill.

Nutritious; instilling scintillatingly sparkling radiance; in every being tottering uncouthly in the dormitories of saddened darkness,
Nostalgic; transiting even the most monotonously ungainly; into realms of playfully Godly childhood,
Nomadic; tirelessly surging from place to place; to shower upon one and all; the blessings of divinely sharing; alike,
Noble; congenially bonding with even the most penurious of organisms slithering on cold soil; quenching the thirst of every bleary eyed traveler; with the nectar in its alluring senses,
Was the immortal tree of love; not only rejuvenating the spirit of despondently dying mankind; but perpetually ensuring that diligent lovers; always remained bonded in bows of solidarity; for immemorial times.

Oligarchic; seated on the most profusely embellished throne of unfathomable prosperity,
Omnipotent; the most powerful spirit domineering one and all; on the crust of this handsomely blessed planet,
Omnipresent; a cloud of unflinching brotherhood that embraced the entire globe in waves of ecstatic rhapsody; to reign supreme even after the sky had blended with threadbare soil,
Omniscient; a poignantly clairvoyant breeze; which mapped your emollient destiny to unfurl; even centuries before you were born,
Was the seed of immortal love; not only sprouting into countless new as each day transcended the sinister night; but perpetually ensuring that the branches of
peace; brotherhood; always bloomed till the highest point of the sky.

Princely; casting its royal spell upon diminishing souls; to grant them the most incredulous expedition of their starved lives,
Poignant; passionately philandering through the lanes of sizzling desire; tingling every bit of soil that it tread on; with its spell binding stride,
Piquant; astoundingly bewildering the irascibly pertinent tycoon with the versatility in its footsteps; stinging the devilish with an arrow of candid righteousness,
Pristine; immaculately shimmering in its amazingly virgin glory; not being adulterated even the slightest by the most lethal venom swinging freely around,
Was the fireball of immortal love; not only blazing streaks of flamboyant brilliance in every continent it chose to gallivant in; but perpetually ensured that the beams of an enlightening tomorrow; swept past the haplessly staggering; for centuries unprecedented.

Queenly; ubiquitously propagating the essence of harmony and humanity; to every organism strangulated with hideous malice,
Quintessential; inhabiting the most cardinal positions in an individuals existence; instilling in him the unsurpassably miraculous wonders of this dexterous world,
Qualitative; bestowing upon every disparagingly struggling entity; the most royal dream of his choice,
Quantitative; indefatigably multiplying its wonderfully cascading essence; to envelop ruthlessly disgruntled souls in the waves of; vibrantly everlasting imagery,
Was the disc of immortal love; not only drifting even the most devastated towards the fortress of utmost solidarity; but perpetually ensuring that the walls of unfettered freedom; grew more formidable in strength as each day; unfurled into the
perilous night.

Ravishing; perennially alluring even the morbid of corpses; with its marvelously silken grace and fascinating form,
Realistic; incorrigibly propelling every organism to adhere to its roots; irrespective of all notorious poisoning of the manipulative society,
Resplendent; glistening in a festoon of surreally titillating fantasy; benevolently cajoling and harboring all those without a roof,
Rejuvenating; rekindling and superbly replenishing each derogatorily exhausted iota of the fragile visage,
Was the fountain of immortal love; which not only triggered you to gush forward in every aspect of impoverished life; but perpetually ensured that you never abnegated your innocuously integral smile.

Soothing; pacifying the traumatic agony in your breath; with its seductively gregarious whispers,
Satisfying; placating your every brutally tyrannized nerve; with the magic of its; overwhelmingly heavenly touch,
Stimulating; arousing even the most murkiest of corpses in the graveyard; with the lusciousness in its eternal demeanor,
Sacrosanct; a holy spirit to which even the greatest of God's in the cosmos; bent down in appreciative obeisance,
Was the immortal dwelling of love; not only impregnating in you the fortitude to bond in the religion of humanity; but perpetually ensuring that even the most diminutive of disaster stayed fathomless miles away from your; blooming countenance.

Truthful; intransigently marching upon the path of benign goodness; massacring every trace of salacious evil that confronted it; in its impeccable way,
Tantalizing; evoking you to inevitably continue God's sacred chapter of existence; with infernos of longing dancing ebulliently through your bloodstream,
Tangy; embodying each moment of your morbidly clockwork existence; with the vivaciously euphoric spice of life,
Tinkling; relentlessly fulminating with inexorable energy to relish life; entrenching all those aimlessly loitering in its; magnanimous swirl of compassionate brotherhood,
Was the immortal fabric of love; not only safeguarding you against the freezing winds of winter as well as the acrimonious midday Sun; but perpetually ensuring that man shrug all cannibalism; to exist as a blessed human; once again.

Ubiquitous; perennially showering its elements of peace and unflinching brethren; to mockingly belligerent parts of this colossal planet,
Utopia; the ultimate paradise; pride and prosperity of all those alive; and the irrefutable crown of glory; of those about to yet inhale their very first breath,
Uninhibited; possessing the astronomical freedom to follow the most innermost realms of the pulsating heart; even though the barbarically ruthless society tried to poke it; left; right and center,
Unlimited; endlessly spreading its unconquerable reach to all those; deliberately tottering towards their ominous graves,
Was the flower of immortal love; not only diffusing its stupendously charming fragrance to the farthest point of the globe; but perpetually ensuring that the
wings of freedom always soared the highest in the clouds; in tandem and alike.

Voluptuous; a garden of enamoringly seductive rose; that superbly blended with the color of the splendidly rubicund cheeks,
Vast; encompassing every religion; caste and creed; in the titillating wisps of its blazingly everlasting romance,
Vivacious; bubbling with untamed enthusiasm and a spirit that never died; even as death inevitably overtook all shades of life,
Vibrant; astonishingly bedazzling even the most murderous plexus of the sordid night; with the aura of its unbelievably Omnipotent light,
Was the chapter of immortal love; not only flooding the scorched banks of nothingness with pearls of reinvigorating wisdom; but perpetually ensuring that
love stayed as the ultimate master; forever and ever and ever.

Wacky; not following any dictatorially rigid direction or form; as it erupted in rampant spurts from the inner most recesses of the violently palpitating heart,
Wealthy; the most opulent treasurehouse on this fantastically fecund Universe; pricelessly filtering the light of unity in every miserably cloistered house,
Withstanding; undeterred by even the most turbulently ferocious onslaught upon its spotless grace; even as astronomically formidable civilizations crumbled like a pack of soggy cards,
Witty; harboring the most uncanny sense of humor on this sprawling earth; tickling the coward hidden deep within you; with the gutsy elixir of animated life,
Was the idol of immortal love; not only granting all philanthropically benign wishes of its followers; but perpetually ensuring that they evolved into a supremely compassionate; humankind.
X-mas; incessantly celebrating the festival of the happiness; exultating in a world of happiness; far away from the preposterously diabolical world,
X-rayed; candidly expelling all the share of celestial good and horrific bad; even in the most remotely minuscule organism,
Xanthic; dynamically dazzling in the most altruistically vibrant colors of life; alleviating suffering to reach the summit of unfathomable bliss,
Xeroxed; replicating a carbon copy of its immutably sacrosanct ideals in every birth; which it had romantically coined at the commencement of the very first life,
Was the sword of immortal love; not only granting wholesome reprieve from the diabolically slashing demon; but perpetually ensuring that every religion melanged into the stream of mesmerizing humanity.

Yearning; gyrating in a whirlwind of exotic desire; being the ultimate cry of
the ecstatically crying heart,
Yielding; bequeathing the blissful wave of harmony upon man and animal alike; to give birth to a vibrantly blessed living kind,
Yardstick; an ultimate milestone of astronomical success for every aspiring entrepreneur out there; making sure that those who tried their best; did ardently metamorphose the definitions of stale success,
Youthful; perennially shrugging the leaves of withering and ailing disease; to escalate into a heaven of glittering newness,
Was the summit of immortal love; not only breaking barriers of spurious caste; creed and color; but perpetually ensuring that the color of unequivocal sharing profusely deepened its shades; as each instant galloped into a monumental minute.

Zealous; fervently pursuing the most sacred things in life; to unfurl into a whole new world of bountifully unending aspiration,
Zapping; tumultuously stunning the entire world alike; with its unparalleled honesty and iridescent charm,
Zooming; reaching all those who passionately wanted it; with a velocity more than what; white lightening could ever perceive,
Zillion; lingering countless millions in eternal space; as it preached the religion of oneness; for decades unsurpassable,
Was the candle of immortal love; not only flaming a path of everlasting brightness in drudgedly devastated lives; but perpetually ensuring that man and earth existed in harmonious unison; everytime God gave them an opportunity to do so; for
fathomless times.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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