Roof Top Terrace Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Roof Top Terrace

I ambled languidly on my rooftop terrace at evanescent dawn,
Invisibly faint rays of light gently caressing my silhouette; a chilly breeze blowing across my soft ear,
The cuckoo gave loud chirps; a blend of resplendent birds soared high in the impeccable clouds,
I felt dreariness besieging my exhausted eyes; and soon dozed off lost in realms of a mystical reverie.

I woke up with startled jerks; stupendously bewildered by dazzling light of the
full Sun,
Splashed my face several times with cold water; trying to audaciously stare into the crimson ball of fire,
Although I miserably failed in my attempt; as the astronomical proportion of heat burnt my scalp,
And I submissively sat down reading the crisp newspaper; in remote dark corners of the terrace.

The crystal sky now displayed the midday sun; blazing down viciously in full fury,
Sweltering hot currents of breeze now blew across the window; virtually melting all in proximity to water,
As I incessantly consumed large pitchers of sweet liquid; refrigerated to freezing ice,
To get temporary reprieve from the distressing agony of the Sun God.

A few hours later dusk strangulated the exorbitant heat; radiating serene pink light,
The eagles in the sky were now returning back to their dwelling; densely foliated trees rustled vivaciously in the gusty wind,
The atmosphere was impregnated with obstreperous voices; as children played in the silver sand,
I stood in mute silence; leaning on periphery of the colossal water tank; as I
witnessed the mesmerizing sight of the Sun going down.

As the seconds zipped by; dusk unveiled itself into starry night,
The sky now; was entirely obfuscated from the Sun; looked enchanting with a cavalcade of stars,
Emanating mystical light; illuminating the darkness with a bountiful sparkle,
I watched her innocuous features; the beauty of her form a few feet below;
thanked the Creator for putting her to sleep,
Incorrigibly vowed to spend many more days on my roof top terrace; as her
sighs now converted into deafening snores.

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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