A Toddler Is Talking About The Theft Of The Petrocaribe Poem by Hebert Logerie

A Toddler Is Talking About The Theft Of The Petrocaribe

My patriots and friends, things are serious, rather pretty bad
In the video, a boy is joking about the theft of 'Petrocaribe' funds
That the politicians have stolen. These goons are too daring
Many children are plagued by the Petrocaribe's funds
Those robberies have already a negative impact on their lives
Meanwhile the scroungers are reciting bombastic speeches
On how they wasted the money of the exploited taxpayers
Who have no food, no hope, while living in holes as homes
That are surrounded by rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and worms
The people can no longer live like dirty groundhogs in the slums
Where the mattresses are infested with bedbugs. Many of them
Resort to sleep on cardboard or on the bare floor. Food is scarce
And nobody has enough to eat. As people joke: no banana figs
For the German Soccer Team who got defeated by Mexico in the World
Cup in Russia in 2018. The Korean players had eaten enough bananas
Likewise were strong enough to dominate, to play excellent ball
To also defeat the Germans. The people of Haiti want their money back
The funds of 'Petecaribe'. I'm imitating the boy on the video who cannot
Say the word: Petrocaribe. The people want actions and truthful answers
To their questions: Name who has the money? Who stole the money?
How was the money spent? Who will repay Venezuela now?
The people want answers; they're tired. There are too many politicians who
Are raping off the system, too many amateurs are running the country
We're tired of the lies and the flies.Lock up the liars and the thieves
Put them in jail and throw away the keys. Our babies are hungry
There is no hope. They want justice. We want justice for the people
Too many sorry crooks and unpunished criminals are in the streets
Our people are suffering. This is long overdue. The judicial system needs
To step in. The corrupt judges should be thrown in jail. Put bracelets on
The corrupt politicians, arrest them, handcuff them, and prosecute them
In accordance with the laws of the land. Stop lending money to them through
ONA. Our people are suffering due to too much corruption. Our babies are
Crying, they want to go to school. Stop stealing the $1.50 fees that our people
Pay every time they send money to Haiti. What's going on with all the money?
Our babies, toddlers, young and older people are talking about Petecaribe
They are lamenting and cursing. The people want better accountability
Everybody wants justice and the return of the PetroCaribe funds
Everyone is talking about the funds of Petecaribe, I mean PetroCaribe.

P.S. Please read more about the misuse or the theft of Haiti's PetroCaribe funds
to have a much more profound understanding of this poem.

Copyright © July 2018, Hébert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books in poetry.

A Toddler Is Talking About The Theft Of The Petrocaribe
Mahtab Bangalee 31 July 2018

O' Corruption! You are just human's doing- I can not touch the neck those who are corrupt! O' Corruption! if you have any shaped neck I must suffocate you! /// excellent native poem on the theme of corruption

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