A Touch Of Feelings Poem by Abdul Wahab

A Touch Of Feelings

Rating: 5.0

Who is that most merciful
Without weighing and admonishing
My all wickedness and designs of evils
With a whisper of call and eye blinking
Washed way like an expert brush man

I am a child again
You make me a friend

Your love is such a strong
No wrong doings
Prevent you
Your love is a pack of thousand storms

You jerk me, you rock me
Your love is the best
Better than million dances
rays of the fire ball
over the plants

your love is such a wise
better than the world of owls
never digs
the dead history
of the past of my life

Wonder and fragrance
a soft touch of feelings
your love and pardon
blown out senses by a concrete wind
the song of all wisdoms
make me a man
who does not fear any more to fall
from the high cliff


Every feeling is very precious if generated from a genuine mind and your attribution of great traits to him/her illustrate the higher strata of your mind. The mighty ocean always reflects the authentic generosity of innumerable rivers carrying plentiful of water to it.. Great write.. consider a little editing where required.

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Unwritten Soul 21 November 2012

The poem you done here has a lot of feeling peaks..different altitudes and valley slope..which make readers travel the words with so good feeling_Soul

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