Anele Potelwa (Unpublished)

Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Poems

We All Want To Be Man,
But I Want To Be A Better Man
We All Want To Be Husbands,
But I Want To Be A Better Husband

You are a soul
a love endless to those who love
a heart unbreakable to those shine,
those who glide and gloom,

I mourn
The fake death of the world
Whose humans are too blind to hear
Whose humans are too deaf to see

By all means i never wanted to live with humans,
my humanity was a fund not offered to women,
that man were my greatest enemies,
who am I whth such weaknesses?

I am Africa
I am the mother
I am Africa
A father to mothers

Cohesion with no vision
As we went on to fool ourselves
We lay upon the eyes of enemies
Feeding each one with fantasy

I do not have money
But its funny that I have all the heart
I don't have as much friends to laugh with
But I am sure we can have our own crazy moments

Old as I am
the feeling attacks,
Strangles my heart and
jails the beloved mind

It were as if a storm
had blown away all the happiness,
killings every night
Screaming young kids

Flaws and toes
Lies and cries
My i sing this loudly sang silent chorus,
thats all it took for me to be me

To love and live
but never true
Because it stays to deceive

I woke up in the morning
The rain was pouring
And my thoughts were flourishing
Filled with memories

by all the good
you throw at him
he grows at a pace

What then do we call you?
Because in no way
we can prove the clemency of human,
perhaps you live in a devil's body,

He named it 'the spear'
and at the feet
he did not mind
but after one single hit

Due to benediction,
that talent is yours,
and never shall
You do away with it

And too many secrets
With Articificial smilles

ndiguqe ngawonk'amadolo
iinyembezi zindiphandl'okothuthu
ingqond'indibuza umbuzo
ndiswel'impendulo koko ndiwuphosa kuwe

It was love
That brought hate
It was joy
That brought sorrow

I remember
The last time I spoke with you,
You asked and begged me
To do you a favour

Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Biography

Words spoke as my concious clicked! With a poke Emotions commanded Loud the inner soul shouted Yet my mind whispered And poetry conquered Word is what I wrote The song of sounds Is what kept note And so I became! My heart predilected And my pen reflected In papers the lines were neglected But in mine, a poet was moulded And a writter was founded And so I became! Shivering the leaves of reality Blowing the storms of possibility And flowing the wave of capability Talent was therefore born And obstacles were all torn And so I became At the university of Johannesburg studied economics But continue to expose all kinds of social politics The human slavery in Africa The days of childhood in Africa The love for Africa And the life in Africa And so I became It is in the wisdom of elders Within the optimism of builders It is in the boiling mind of words I atter The delicious lines filled with butter I raised my head and turned on the light I saw poetry in real words of genuine sight Then I praised literature And gave respect to its nature And so I became Yes! Ofcause I became It is in the splendid identity The honorable resemblance of indemnity The days of waking up early in the morning And singing glory to ages of word mining It is in the love of all sights That lives me with loud gliding light That bright it shines the darkness of the heart And so reflects the values I got from the hut I am Anele the name I am Potelwa the surname I am The_African_Son 'Unyana_WeAfrika' And so they called the nick in the name I love word I live word I breath word In poetry I believe! Favourite poets: Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda (World) Favourite Music: Deep House Music, Afro Soul, Rythm and Blues, African Traditional Music Favourite Book: 'Only Time Will Tell' by Jeffrey Archers. 'Ingqumbo Yeminyanya' AC Jordan, 'Nyana Wam Nyana Wam' S. Tamsanqa Email: Facebook: Anele Potelwa (Unyana_weAfrika) Twitter: @Anele_Potelwa LinkedIn: Anele F. Potelwa BBM: 29456C39 The_African_Son (Unyana weAfrika) .)

The Best Poem Of Anele Potelwa (Unpublished)

A Better Lover

We All Want To Be Man,
But I Want To Be A Better Man
We All Want To Be Husbands,
But I Want To Be A Better Husband

We All Want To Be Fathers,
But I Want To Be A Better Father
We All Want To Be Sons,
I Have Always Wanted To Be A Better Son

We All Want To Be Leaders
But I Want To Be A Better Leader,
We Want To Achieve
But Me,
I want To That Better Achiever

We May Have Lost
But Still Want To Be A Better Loser,
We Failed,
But Still Want To Be A Better Failer

Bare This
Hear This
And Never Dare It
We All Want To Be Lovers,
But I Want To Be A Better Lover,

Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Comments

i like your poems and the way you express your inner most part....thanks for writing.

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 14 June 2012

What best is left to plunge other than Anele is an eloquent poet 'in his own way, his African order of things, his fortitude'.

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Neela Nath Das 25 March 2012

Your poems are always inspiration to me. Reading your poem is pleasure. Keep writing wonder boy! .

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Bongiwe Faith Zikalala 06 November 2011

Loving ur job keep posting hey n ik keep reading n nam I love the fact that uyazidla ngobuxhosa bakho eke imbambe kanjalol Sjama ka sjadu!

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Soulistical The Poet 18 October 2011

Well I like that you write also in your clan language, you such a good poet, each day you grow and each day I am sure you learn. I read many of your poems and i tried reading those of your language, and i must say to you, keep writting soon a publisher will come for your signature, what amusese me is your age, here in my hometown. its so seldom that you find kids your age doing written word, keep it up, you are indeed an African Son, be proud and wave the flag

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Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Quotes

There is time when life requires of you to leave everything and keep walking, that time should be in every morning of life itself

Be confident that you have survived before, you will do it again.

Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Popularity

Anele Potelwa (Unpublished) Popularity

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