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A True Story

Rating: 2.8

Little Ann and her mother were walking one day
Through London's wide city so fair,
And business obliged them to go by the way
That led them through Cavendish Square.
And as they pass'd by the great house of a Lord,
A beautiful chariot there came,
To take some most elegant ladies abroad,
Who straightway got into the same.

The ladies in feathers and jewels were seen,

The chariot was painted all o'er,
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Paresh Chakra 14 December 2018

All pale is her face, and deep sunk is her eye, And her hands look like skeleton's bones; She has got a few rags, just about her to tie, it is a very beautiful stanga And her naked feet bleed on the stones.

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Kylee Prince. 17 January 2018

Some people are rich and I am poor But thank God for your life ??.

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Souren Mondal 09 November 2015

' A coach, and a footman, and gaudy attire, Give little true joy to the breast; To be good is the thing you should chiefly desire, And then leave to GOD all the rest. ' Poignant, beautiful, and very touching lines... We should be happy about what we have, for some of us might have it 'bad', there are always many others who are 'miserable'....

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* Sunprincess * 31 May 2014

.......oh this is a most special write.....little ann's mother was very wise... lovely poem, adding to my favourites...

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