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Born on November 10,1991 in Chandannagar, a small town in West Bengal, India, I had very little idea about turning up into a 'poet' ever in my life. I wrote a few poems when I was about 6, but never pursued it. I didn't write a line of poetry until I turned 16 or so, when I wrote things that I thought were 'poems'. By the time I turned 18, I was al ...

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23 October 2015

'I had a glass of rum, three cigarettes and a daydream at three thirty nine A. M on Wednesday, when Life was taking turns at a road in the big mountains. I heard some strange noises like paranoid schizophreniacs do and there I heard Tiresias saying - - 'Beware of the plague that will ruin your imagination' What is imagination? ?

25 October 2015

'The evenings and days and nights, and everything in between.. I have your thoughts on my mind You breathe upon my shoulders at night when I go to sleep, In my dreams and nightmares It's you - enjoying a sojourn - a vague promenade across my heart with spiked boots, None shall remember how You and I have had written stories upon stones, Hyerogliphs upon the walls of the cave that I live in, Protecting your memories like rose plant in a barren desert... What have I done? What had you done to me? ? What spell, what magic potion have you intoxicated me with that I can neither sleep nor forget your words.. And the sun does not shine anymore, the moon has lost it's glow.. At twilight, everyday, I hope for the sun to go down in the river and re-awakwn with a fresh soul, a heart free from your tar.. But it beats for you only... The evenings are lonely, the nights lonlier... There are no silver lines on the horizion, there's no diamond ring waiting for me, neither is there a white dress... All that is there is your memories, and memories of a Love that never came out of the womb, And that shall be my downfall, I will happily one day go to the sea, and like the sun will go down in it, surrending myself into the pure water and still my soul will love you...'

08 November 2015

''The greatest challenge for an artist is to find the magnificent in the mediocore''

16 November 2015

'Sometimes dreams are like a butterfly made out of scarlet clouds. You can look at it, chase it. But try holding it in you fingers and it disappears...'

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Fabrizio Frosini 22 September 2015

Dear Souren, you write ''I am.. not really a poet per se.'' Well, I can't agree. I think you have got a poetic mind. You are a poet in his 'early stage', but a true poet. I find your whole cycle of poems dedicated to 'A GIRL WITH THE GLASS' a well structured write, where love, passion, hope and sorrow interweave with a previous cowardly violence on children and the aftermath - the subsequent, deep psychological effects - on their psyche.. draw an enticing story.. 'Love' is what we need, as frail human beings, but it is not guaranteed.. as it is 'Justice'.. (especially in a society that is too often deaf and mute.. and doesn't care of the weak and/or the poor) .. Thus 'Life' remains a tough, severe - and even brutal - 'Master'..

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Bakuli Bhakali 19 November 2015

I’ve been reading you since i discovered on the myth of loving without expectations”. Each poem I went through was an awesome read! They’re full of symbols and images. Yet, well-articulated. No poet who ones stopped by your page can’t resist returning again!

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Fabrizio Frosini 16 January 2016

thank you so much, my friend. You've shown - again - , dear Souren, your sharp critical judgment, so incisive and able to go delving deep.. We have another valuable Literary Critic in our team! - Good news for the new publishing projects.. ;)

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Akhtar Jawad 20 January 2016

Unique in thoughts, bold and beautiful in description, poets like Souren Mondal are born once in a blue moon.

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Souren Mondal 08 December 2015

I have neither been able to comment much, reply, or anything due to my growing depression and panic attacks during the last ten days or so... I am perhaps in dire need of a break from every activities here... I wish all my friends at poemhunter a very productive time ahead... Have a great time friends.. Thanks for being a part of my journey.. I will be back, like the Terminator ;)

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Bharati Nayak 05 April 2016

I am amazed by Souren' Mondal's poetic skill.His writings are very powerful, sensitive and unique in style.His poems have immense depth and insight.He is always eager to improve upon his writings.I love to read his comments on poems.He goes deep into a poem and analyses it from various angle.He is a social activist and most of his poems reflect his rebel against social injustice.Souren has a great future in literature.

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Nosheen Irfan 27 February 2016

Souren is one of my favorite poets on Reading a single poem by him makes you want to read more of him. His work has deep impact on the reader and you just can't ignore his writings. His work reflects his sensitivity n his beautiful soul. He is not only an incredible poet but I can see a social activist in him too. I believe he is a gifted individual and will go far in his poetic journey. And what's most endearing about him is that he is absolutely honest. Blessings n best wishes Souren.

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Aarzoo Mehek 24 February 2016

Souren is a realistic poet, His rebellious writings showcases the unspoken barbaric customs of this society. He writes for the people and his writing has a tinge of boldness. Let your pen bring to surface all the age old customs and let the youth analyse things in right perspective. We need poets like you who can speak without any fear. Keep the good work going. All my wishes and blessings.

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Mike Smith 15 February 2016

Perhaps the best I've ever seen... Scratch that. Hands down the best I've ever seen in his ability to pour his soul out into words. Reading Souren's work is like stepping into his brain and experiencing the world through his eyes. Never have I read something that seemed so honest, so candid and personal. His poems are gripping, powerful, and jam packed with intensity and emotion. He has a very rare gift, one worthy of recognition. And for those of us fortunate enough to have sifted through his work, it is utterly apparent, he is in a league of his own. Best wishes Souren. And thank you sincerely for sharing. I know you've impacted me, and likely scores of others. Please keep the words flowing whenever circumstances permit. You're nothing shy of brilliant

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Souren Mondal 01 February 2016

I have recently realised that I have a seriously pathetic bio posted here! !

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The Best Poem Of Souren Mondal

Smiling Girl

And she always greets everyone with a
tender smile,
Flashing her pearly white teeth;
She speaks in a sweet, melodious voice

Everyone thinks she is a happy-go-lucky
girl of seventeen,
with dark, deep eyes and silky smooth
hair and a permanent blush on her cheeks.

But inside she is like a ballerina with a
broken toe, in an opaque glass globe,
where charcoal snow falls and freezes her heart,
with an occasional acid rain that melts her bones.

But she always flashes her tender smile at everyone
And speaks in a voice that sounds like music.

No one knows what's inside her,
What broke her so bad,
that she cannot but always smile...

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Souren Mondal Popularity

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