A Void To Endure Poem by Chris Goss

A Void To Endure

Life is not worth living at all
Inside is a void that will not endure
All the King's horses could not put me back together again
Father Christmas chimney collapses
All the angels will stop their watch
The New Year will not be seen
The Queen's guard will walk away
Since they are not needed this day
All the stars in heaven will shine no more
For the celestial body implodes to zero
Major Tom has no hero
The garden birds will leave their nests
All the animals and sea creatures rest
There will be no more Sunday roasts
Seas will depart their coast
Rivers and canals will leave mouth estuaries
Monks in habits vacate their vestry
No more sun dawn and red sky night
The matadors arresting bull fights
The North and South poles thaw
The polar bears & penguin demise dawns
Doors, gateways and windows close
Chest of drawers of course follows
The house martin does not swallow
The sea reefs blanching to white
Big white shark will have no bite
Castle no longer rook or pawns
Knights don't bishop kings queens
John Bishop jokes no longer scream
Sellotape and cotton roles un-reem
Nobody shouts for ice-cream
No sweet is anyone's dream
Bedsheets and pillows un-maid
Butler is not playing with his maid
Loos, lavatories and urinals don't flush
Seaweed and reeds don't rush
Volcanoes eruptions disappear in a flash

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