Perdition Poem by Chris Goss


I feel like I am living with the after death perdition
It is said with absolute and total reason
I feel it is in every single season
My pain to me me is total treason
I am living in a solitary prison
Feel like nobody would listen
For the pain I endure and nowhere near a glisten
I just hope that my life like bread has risen
From this life of every day perdition
There is nothing in this life that would be a helpful addition
For someone is so racked and ruined in this condition
There is no one on this earth that could make it there mission
To help this poor solemnly totally afraid of life with no remission
What this poor man does today he can't cope with a decision
Because the mind is just feeling in terrible division
He is nowhere near his old self so driven
For the total and utterly life that is riven
Could not be saved even by the Magnificent Seven
Or even all the angels sent Godly from heaven
And all the innocent children in the World that were also seven
And if they tried four years later when they would be eleven
And I have to include the deadly sins I feel also a number seven
Even my nephew Tom Pollitt could not save me who surfs in Devon
I am feeling so dead, dead, dead, dead in my head
I really don't want to rise out of this dark room bed
Because I am living in such total and utter dread
All the lovely filly nurses could not help me now in bed or head
Could not be any worse even cursed by the witches of salem
Even by vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls
I just feel so dead my head to my feet have no soul
All the wisps and fluffy clouds could not cushion me
As the exit of my tortious life just has to be very near

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