Pierre That Does Not Care Poem by Chris Goss

Pierre That Does Not Care

I just to want be left to alone like a dog with a bone
It is ruby Tuesday and tomorrow is golden Wednesday
I most definitely don't want tomorrow
Because I am sad with sorrow
There are tears in my eyes as emotion holds
Because it will one day soon goodbye
I am not exercising in the morning anymore
Not the Pilates in the evening at all
I don't care for my hair anymore
I don't want to eat as any more
It has dawned on me this life is abhor
This my life and I have had damn enough
I am definitely in the rough, no longer tough
It is a definite chance maybe SARS
I can't go to any bars
As for the isolation and masks, what a fiasco
Perhaps no one would notice if my life was taken
The curtain call does not bow, nor a tree bough
Do you feel the feeling that I had enough
That my life is on a road so tragically rough
Just cooked some food for the first to time quite a while
Eating it has definitely made me feel vile
So death bell on food for a while

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