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Peacock in rusty steel circles
Knife angel cast with iron wings

One opening of a Patchwork plateaux with Angels and Beasts
Winding, meandering, descending and arising
Tubular orange Clad in dark clothed.
From old tapped nails rising to miniature mushrooms

Under bath water it sounds like thunder
On earth it is certainly a wonder
It wanders around the globe
In meandering rivers and great depth seas

Some live on the prairies
Some supply dairies
Some live in savannas
Some live on the plains

I went out with phone intention
Since I had yesterday some attention
The lady behind me was in frustration
There was a guide dog suddenly

Oh how it cleared my woes
The enclave of sumptuously leaved trees
Bordering grass that should not be mown
The shallow, rippling and shimmering river

A trumpet makes you bloody lump it
A drum makes you musically hum
A saxophone rewards a dog with a bone
A piano is very good at letting you know

Suffering is how it is, how do I escape it
That frustration can cast its shadow
Cravings can uncloak the human mind
Fantasies flying away in fireworks

One big whoosh
Followed by tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
Of a Grandfather Clock
Each of them a little faster

I feel like I am living with the after death perdition
It is said with absolute and total reason
I feel it is in every single season
My pain to me me is total treason

I just to want be left to alone like a dog with a bone
It is ruby Tuesday and tomorrow is golden Wednesday
I most definitely don't want tomorrow
Because I am sad with sorrow

Tricycled tot free wheeling flood
Swan flapping circlet rippled pool
Snaking river mocks mill pond
Grass carpeting preen calming

Just fancy penning a poetic poem with no rues
Straight forward, definitely not entwined with clues
Not sure which yellow brick pave can solve
This scriber will endeavour with much resolve

Skinny dipping freely
Power gliding through the air
Water skiing on bumpy seas
Basket balloon ground rising

The snowball gathered at such an amazing of snow
It glistened and shone like diamond and stars
Who was to know, all that glistens can glow
As it rumbled down down the snow mountain

Have had some food today which went down lead balloons
Some of my kin are buffoons
To blame my condition of alcohol
This is an explanation monumental

The lovely sound of morning song bird
Such a beautiful sound to be heard
You just have to remember
You can hear it from July to September

I feel that I will be oh so dead soon
Like an elderly grey haired face baboon
Or once inflated a fire red balloon
Or a butterfly that did not emerge from its caterpillar


When I think of an Indonesian field trip in the jungle, down a steep incline, the clearest stream emerges with bottle green and electric blue dragonflies bobbing across the ripples. High in the canopies monkeys darted away across branches to evade us. As we went a little upstream a 100 foot waterfall spilled into its stream. Ecstasy as climbing sides of falls and diving into the deep pool of the spill.

Seriously simply cheap gold
A purest amber to behold
Little lady Welsh fair old
Stories when into fold

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Hereford Art Gallery


Peacock in rusty steel circles
Knife angel cast with iron wings
Hereford Bull Iron glancing
A winged mermaid with wings
A wooden owl with snipped vertical wings
Twins reading a book as siblings
The face misshapen in hiding
The ostrich garden girl pecking
The flight of a girl skipping
Bright red dragon webbed feet
Walking the dead holding up lanterns
The Scottish thistle just spouting
The standing turning around looking
Japanese warrior guarding


The man in the universe star gazing
The Sculpted head flower to spring
Peacock in rusty garden circles
Knife angel cast with fairy wings
Hereford bull Iron Glancing
A winged mermaid which sayings
A wooden owl with snipped vertical wing
Twins reading a book as siblings
The face misheard inn hedging
The ostrich gardening the grass pecking
The flight of a girl skipping
Bright red Dragon with fire fairy wings
Walking dead holding up lanterns
The Scottish thistle just spouting
The stag turning around and looking
Japanese warrior silver beading
The Man in the woods star gazing
The sculptured herald flowers spinning

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