Annalee Hopkins Somerville

A Walk With Spirit - Poem by Annalee Hopkins Somerville

In the light of the morning I walked into the woods,
I was not alone in misplaced and misunderstood.
The sun casted rays that glistened and beamed,
My spiritual eyes fixed on things not normally seen.

I walked the path that the sun silhouetted,
No longer alone, confused or tormented.
Winged brothers and sisters joined in with song,
Their sweet melody carried my spirit along.

Along the path the sun set for me,
My spirit was singing and I felt truly free.
I skipped and danced all through the woods,
For once in my life I felt wholesome and good.

I walked by the wolves, the turtle, the tree,
They took up my stride and danced with me.
The turtle’s spirit represents this life,
How I struggle with pain and extraneous strife.

The wolves howled in a soft beaten note,
It sunk deep into my soul and I started to float.
Into the harmony of this joyful tune,
The sun went down and I saw the full moon.

The tree swayed his branches like arms,
I felt completely tranquil and lost in his charms.
I felt his limbs reaching out and holding me tight,
I tried to struggle but was quickly losing the fight.

I finally relaxed and allowed his energy to flow,
Deep through my body to the depths of my soul.
I saw the shame and guilt from a hurtful past,
I knew these images weren’t meant to last.

Being guided to see what I was meant to see,
Shown the truth that would help set me free.
I felt the tears streaming down my face,
No longer feeling ashamed, or disgraced.

The tree released me from his healing hold,
The wolves and turtle’s wisdom was shown,
I walked out of the forest into my illuminati,
My spirit was soaring in my celestial body.

© 2011 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 15, 2011

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