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A War Which Can Not Be Avoided Anytime

Finally the war is coming And can not be avoided even If we tried to avoid it for Any pretty sake because the Decision-makers say that there Must be a war at any cost with Or without a logical or illogical reason, A war is something necessary because It's like a pretty surgery for A patient or sick person anytime, What will happen is not a great thing Because a war's decision's been made, Even if the whole world is against this war, but A few will not listen and they will go at any cost, A lot of deaths and a lot of damages will be spread Because they're the natural costs of any war anytime, A war will kill love and everything that is lovely, but What do you want to do to stop it or to prevent it! ? It is impossible to stop a war now because it's out of Your will and it's out of your choice, then A war can not be prevented or avoided because the war- Lords have decided it and they're ready it to wage it anytime.