A Wired Woman Poem by Oluseyi Akinbami

A Wired Woman

She pips in fear for lateness like her peer
Camouflaged arrogance with a show of caginess
The error that is obscure reading lines of yesteryears
Egotism masked in affronts officiousness
Bravado of naughtiness in candor though unspoken

Free me free me, voiced again in melancholy
Where ignorance affronted species of revere
Oblivious of men and Angel amidst mortals
By routines of cataract long glare
Sends nostalgia down the spines of watchers

Though forgetting the milk and candies of supposed enemies
Doubling as friends in conning angst beggarly in their nature
Nagging and ganging a gang of gossipers
Finding Mutual grounds for bedfellow
Causing higgledy where there exist no war

For a suspected compromise of morals
Or a hunting taint of a past paints on Z walls
Where decorum is not a schoolmaster
As official time waste in visit to motels at unbreak break time
With holy bible at desk view to mask hypocrisy

First venerable “Etis” Migrants tasted buds of iniquity as noised by witnessing chauffer
And guilt cautioned not her thigh with avalanche of showy attire of a seductress
Office advertorial of buried innocence pointed in curved carbuncle front and back
Knocking shoes in timeless visits to hides in kitchen

On the job, double facedness, in loud calls to clients for managerial recognition
While empty office fill vacuums of fast quickie (shap-shap) appointment arranged or rearranged
Ill mannered, bad tempered not marriageable, never listen, never patient making enemies
Commandeering, verbose, self conceited, presumptuous, stout and arrogant

Error Success