Tony Cucuzella

A Woman's Power - Poem by Tony Cucuzella

A woman's femininity is a source of strength and power not subordinate or secondary to a mans masculinity. Her sexuality is empowering, but isn't what defines her. Her hair is a garnishment to her intellect...Her real power is in her will and determination to succeed. The ability to multitask and nurture her gifts and abilities sets her apart.. A man shouldn't complete her only complement her. In the books of Proverbs and the Apocrypha, wisdom was of a feminine character, and civilizations of old recognized women in there customs and celebrated them.. Although never given equality to men, the feminine personalities of Judaism and Christianity were dominate and vital to the narrative of their perspective religions. Each woman should feel empowered by virtue of her gender, not to mention her individuality..But with every person, a woman's true potential is only unleashed with the help of her creator.. I am tired of seeing women belittled by society and the use sex as a negotiating tool to achieve a greater means... We have forgotten that every man came from a woman; and that we all are made in the likeness of God.. There is a little bit of Dios within each one of us...and with that realization there is sense of respect we should gain for ourselves and each other. Girls and women should be equipped with positive affirmations and not bombarded with sexual imagery.. Men should compartmentalize their impulses; and think with the right head, instead of being complacent in the degradation of their female counterparts There is a spiritual bondage which accompanies these types of indulgences when gone unquestioned..Rise against the current culture to view each other with a different lens and act accordingly :)

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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