A Woman's Reason Poem by Gelett Burgess

A Woman's Reason

Rating: 2.8

I'm Sure every Word that you say is Absurd;
I Say it's All Gummidge and Twaddle;
You may Argue away till the 19th of May,
But I don't like the Sound of the Moddle!

Paddy Kennedy 09 April 2012

I feel it is a bit sarcastic, and simple syntax Padraic O Cinneide

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Mary Power 05 December 2022

Not his best. Are those slang wotds for real? Lost on me, whether or which!

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The poem could not be easily understood owing to the unfamiliarity of words the poet selected. May be my ignorance of understanding capacity that I understand but I think that a poet when writes the poems are normally comes the words from his inner hearts of thinking and in that ankle the rythm of the poem is good.

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Babatunde Aremu 09 April 2014

What is this? the poet should add a footnote for the reader to relate well

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Michelle Claus 09 April 2014

Not much. I did a quick dictionary search for gummidge and moddle, to no avail. Don't know why the 19th of May is significant here. This isn't a very compelling poem.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 09 April 2012


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