A Woman's Surrender Poem by indira babbellapati

A Woman's Surrender

Rating: 3.3

Down down there
Deep deep in the hidden recesses
There lies a little space
Vacant and welcoming…

That’s where she resides!

And when she submits herself
To him, who fills that vacant space
Willingly does she forgo
All that she once believed in

And when she submits herself
She’s not mere body
All that’s buried in the niches
Of the subconscious
Come to the fore for
A willing surrender

And when she submits herself
She willingly reduces herself
To a blissful point of death
Only to be reborn in his hands
To rebuild a life for him and her

A woman does rarely submit herself
And when she does,
Every nth part of her self
And her world is surrendered
To him, alone!


Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 05 April 2010

‘…Only to be reborn in his hands…’ And you conclude ‘…Every nth part of her self/And her world is surrendered/To him, alone! ‘… And it is a TALL YES …truly into the feminine pitch… Thanks Ma’am 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Scuba Steve 16 March 2010

To thee I submit, there lies before me the submit button, but press it with care for a woman's wrath shall burn like full sun on bare back

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Siddharth Singh 15 March 2010

A woman's surrender in her man's arms spells a death as well as her rebirth. Remarkable, really.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 14 March 2010

A beautiful description of feminine angle of creative-sport and it is done with passion, knowledge, aesthetics and serenity. Liked it so much Indira. Thank you so much for the blissful expression of joy personified.

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Leonard Dabydeen 10 March 2010

A beautiful poem of faith and trust...sincere love...and certainly a socially correct (politically?) write, in the sense that ' a woman does rarely submit herself', even though trust must be the key ingredient for surrender. But when a woman does 'surrender'...'every nth part of herself '' this bond must never be broken. Otherwise, you may wish a tsunami taking you for a swim. My humble respect for women EVERYwhere. Enjoy this poem. Blessings. Leonard

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indira babbellapati

indira babbellapati

visakhapatnam, india
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