' A Poem That Woke Me Up! ' Poem by indira babbellapati

' A Poem That Woke Me Up! '

Rating: 2.7

I dwell
In the absence
You left behind

That absence occupies me

I dabble
In the silence
You fill me with

That's my silent connect

This heart
Still sings
The moonlight sonata of yore

That silent score sustains me

My breath
Still draws in
The perfume dabbed on this skin

That silently nurtures hope in me

Every night
I bury tear for you
In my heart

That quenches my heart's thirst

Maria C. Pires Costa 02 November 2011

This is a heartfelt poem indeed. An absence that has triggered beautiful lines! May hope stay with you, and may real presence flood your heart and mind with happy threads!

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Jerry Hughes 23 January 2012

...absolutely beautiful Indira, the bearing of your soul in words. Love, Jerry

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Karen I Banks 16 April 2012

nice poem i liked it

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Alexander Coppedge 26 March 2013

You have a lot of sensitive feelings I feel you hold back on these concepts Afraid perhaps or not willing to share them Keep expressing yourself comfort start with one self

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Aasiq the poet 15 November 2013

he will definitely come oneday i am sure the hand tousled your hair still twitches for you...thanks indira for the melodious lines....atp

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 April 2024

CONGRATULATIONS for the deep meaning of the poem, beautifully captured!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 April 2024

This is a grandest poem to my heart. Love reading this, I came across this lovely poem and I am so happy to have read this.5 Stars Full and this may become The Member Poem Of The Day. Most deserving!

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Rachel Purcell 10 April 2024

I know the feelings. Beautifully put. Great job.

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Rajesh.c Bose 16 March 2024

Amazing lines...

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Abinesh Anbazhagan 03 January 2024

Straight from the heart! Love it

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indira babbellapati

indira babbellapati

visakhapatnam, india
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