Aaa Dreams Die In Pockets Empty Poem by Bill Smith

Aaa Dreams Die In Pockets Empty

Rating: 5.0

Dreams die in pockets empty
Where superficial thrives on plenty
Dreams die in pockets deep
Where pennies lie and
Arms can’t reach
This half moon smile painted thin
Hides the pain you put me in
The summer sun can’t come too soon
To burn away this aching gloom
For lost in space, direction flawed
I stood once more overawed
Ever the dreamer ever the fool
Eternally the boy who never left school
Fighting to stay young at heart
Wishing to be that vital part
Of another’s life, another’s dream
Instead of how it’s always been
Ever the dreamer left behind
Knowing the truth that love is blind
Stood in shadows, another waits to tempt me
To where dreams die, in pockets empty

Raj Nandy 04 November 2008

Another wonderful poem which I loved reading! Thanks for the same. - Raj Nandy

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Gary Witt 21 April 2008

Smiffy: Nicely done. I especially like the opening lines with pockets deep and pockets empty. Many thanks! -G

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Wykeshia Mccallister 17 April 2008

Man, you got me cryin out loud. But Really, you have a rare talent! !

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Clare Mcwilliams 04 February 2008

Aww... This is really beautiful and sad too, touched my heart bill, there will be another dream to sweep you off your feet and hug you tight...but only if you let them x

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Broken Peaces 16 January 2008

To say I enjoyed that is understatement really good write Bill the content was full a real easy read 10 Chris

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