Bill Smith Poems

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All Hope

All hope lies in tomorrow
Betrayed by yesterday
For every new horizon
There is a price to pay

Emotional Bleed

Emotional Bleed,
Raging river,
Mixed emotions,
Shake and quiver,

Secondhand Dreams

I listened as she spoke of love
She spoke as if she knew
She spoke of what could happen
I thought maybe that’s true

Cup Of Tea?

Love floats silent in the air
Lips, quiet like sated leeches
Flushed with words
Remain mute

Aaa Dreams Die In Pockets Empty

Dreams die in pockets empty
Where superficial thrives on plenty
Dreams die in pockets deep
Where pennies lie and

Letters Never Sent

The words are bottled up
From letters never sent
Sorry looms large, aches to be heard
Repeats itself over and over in my mind

Houses Of The Holy

In the houses of the holy
They are polishing their guns
In the houses of the holy
They are offering up their sons

A2) Learning Lessons

Take a walk through Pol Pots fields
Sculptured white with bone
Come live beneath a Lebanon sky
And make believe it’s home

A 23) Nipping The Buds Of Love

Full of optimism
I sow seeds in the garden that is my heart
The roots take hold
Early signs are good as strong fresh shoots grow

A) . Every Day

Every day the mind ticks faster than the clock
Gathered thoughts confuse the troubled mind
Half truths blind the future blessed
questions rebound to the one who asked

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