Emotional Bleed Poem by Bill Smith

Emotional Bleed

Rating: 3.7

Emotional Bleed,
Raging river,
Mixed emotions,
Shake and quiver,
Hate filled words,
Unseen smiles,
Sugar sweet,
Always beguiles,
Truth or dare,
Make your choice,
Believe the type,
Hear no voice,
Words come easy,
Promises made,
Unseen smiles,
Breach the barricade

Emotional Bleed,
Torrents of pain,
Head in the clouds,
Cupids aim,
Give out the numbers,
Swear it's all true,
Chasing shadows,
Who knows who?
Pictures from albums,
Photos for fun,
Dodge the bullets,
Hearts on the run,
Prey on the passive,
Hunt out the weak,
Never believe,
Words that cant speak,

Emotional Bleed,
Flows from the wrist,
Self mutilation,
Signs that you missed,
Never the victim,
Faceless and free,
Making it harder,
For you and for me,
Fingers write love,
While the mind twists and turns,
Never the victim,
Never gets burned,
Free in the sweetshop,
To wander and roam,
A wolf on the net,
A Lamb in the home.

Emotional Bleed,
You never see,
The damage you cause,
The tears you set free,
Do you sleep at night?
While others regret,
Is your pillow dry?
While theirs is wet,
Emotional Bleed,
When the damage is done,
Smiles at the tears,
Quickly moves on,
A click on a screen,
Is all it takes,
To cover your tracks,
And leave heartaches...

Does it ever occur?
In your sick state of mind,
To think of the carnage,
You leave behind,
When play your game,
Prey on those in need,
And leave a soul,
With Emotional Bleed

Teresa Wilson 09 January 2008

Wow pretty powerful

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L. K. Thayer 09 January 2008

very powerful, bravo!

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Shannon Wright 07 January 2008

I love this! I give it a perfect ten. -shannon

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Nathan Pigott 15 December 2005

Jolly Good show, old boy - i really like this Bill 10

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Mary Nagy 24 October 2005

I love this...very emotional poem Bill. Sincerely, Mary

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