Letters Never Sent Poem by Bill Smith

Letters Never Sent

Rating: 5.0

The words are bottled up
From letters never sent
Sorry looms large, aches to be heard
Repeats itself over and over in my mind
Regret hangs heavy for tears caused
In letters never sent I explain reasons that never see the light of day
I plead my case for innocence
Ask the jury in my head for forgiveness
Remaining true to myself is all I have, hanging on to what is right for me
Knowing somewhere, someone else struggles with my decision’s
Wrestling with myself through a history of failure
One defeat follows another and I write letters never sent
Living in hope that they understand no harm was intended
I fear the brush dipped in black paint
I hear whispers on a grapevine that is a figment of my imagination
More words form sentences in my mind, exiting my mouth on a silent breath
Suppressed, kept to myself, they remain letters never sent

Broken Peaces 07 February 2008

Remarkable write Bill thouht provoking and something we all have share with in many different ways 10 Chris

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Matthew Coombe 07 February 2008

Thanks Bill. I enjoyed this. A great idea we can relate to. Things we should have done but didn't, regrets etc. Cheers!

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Erin Duphily 07 February 2008

I do the same thing, that this poem says. I try so hard to explain myself...to myself. Try to understand what I would say. Sp this poem really hit home. Thank you Sir Bill.

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Nomi Mas 07 February 2008

really good work. u took me there..

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Anita Atina 07 February 2008

A fiercely emotional poem, almost feel the tension rippling below the surface. Great writing Bill!

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