Abandoned Poem by Randy McClave


Whether you are old or sick
Or walking with a cane or a stick,
Whether you're exhausted or tired or weary
Or sad, depressed or teary.
Whether you're homeless or are poor
And you don't have that much anymore,
Whether you have no food to eat
And no drinks and no meat.
Whether you only have old smelly clothes to wear
And knotted and dirty is your hair,
Whether everyone has left or has ignored you
Even the family and the friends you once knew.
Whether no person is at your side
Because, of their social status and their pride,
So, they tossed you as though you were trash
And then they deserted you in a flash.
As you go down the road walking
The wind then hears you gently talking,
Though by others you are ignored, forgotten and a loner
But, you have a dog and it never abandons its owner.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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