Abandonment On My Boat Poem by Randy McClave

Abandonment On My Boat

To be upon my boat
Upon the calm waters I would float,
Looking up at the stars in the skies
While looking down upon me would be God's eyes.
As if I were alone upon the open sea
Sailing upon my boat is only me,
I have no sadness, but only one bereft
The woman of my life, she had just left.
Upon my boat I enjoy to sail
As sometimes I hear the wind as she starts to wail,
Sometimes I hear a faint cryin'
Maybe what I hear is the call of a siren.
On my boat I now have no worries as I relax
Not bothered with the past or with facts,
And somewhere soon I might lay down anchor
And maybe then I would think only about her.
Then I might feel a cool, cool breeze
Then I might remember how she would tease,
Maybe I might see some passing boats or ships
Maybe then I will remember her passing lips.
And when I look into the water of bluish green
Maybe then I will remember the eyes that I had seen,
And maybe I will feel a slight wind from a passing storm
Maybe then in the water I could remember her form.
Maybe then on my back I would lie
As I would count out the many stars in the sky,
But, then maybe if I got to the number ten
Maybe then in the water, I would dive in.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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