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Abandoned Sheep - Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum

If only people were decent,
we'd have more heroes
rather than fictional ones.
Instead, we bicker over
altercations between stubborn
men and women in our congress
over ideologies that render us useless.
We have this 'perfect' political system
that has transformed into a paraplegic
disaster that needs someone to pick
it up and move it in another direction.
We need to stimulate something.
Our factories are broken beehives.
Our workforce is full of fellatio
giving secretaries that can
no longer think for themselves.
Our primary objective is to service
the people and create nothing new.
We are a temporary boost to China
while they climb the latter by selling
us inferior products that we gobble
up because it is cheaper and showcased
all across the country in a Walmart store.
Walmart is the biggest traitor to America
and you are all grabbing your shopping carts
every day and filling them up with crap
that will maybe last for a year.
Whatever happened to the American
product that we once all bought
because it was the best?
I guess this is what we get
for strong arming the world
and squeezing whatever we
could out of it like it was a towel
that we needed dry for our own purposes.
We can change it around and actually
care for our people in this country.
We are now this American brand
that sold us out to make
a bigger profit for the one percent.
We fill the pockets of these individuals
while they are traitors to our people.
Those are our jobs, we are the ones
who buy up all your useless crap
that makes you traitors rich.
We are a bunch of abandoned sheep
herded and created to make these
traitors more powerful and they
look at the chess board as they
drink their wine and watch us ease
ourselves into checkmate.
Man we are stupid.

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