A Village Princess Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum

A Village Princess

Rating: 3.2

The sun shines down upon this small village
The golden locks of wild grass on irrigated land
illuminated like an accentuated contemporary painting
Small adobe houses upon acres of land
spread out like poppy seeds upon a muffin
The small general store with bushels of food
is the place where everyone gathers
Secrets fly like birds heading south for the winter
Everyone is known and everything is known
A woman with the features of someone
who has already come of age walks up holding
a basket ready to be filled with essentials
walks up to the front of the general store
whispering sounds of the entrance of this enchanted beauty

'There is Ms. Vasquez... she is such a good daughter.
Her mother lays in bed with countless ailments and
she stays even though she has a bright life
hanging over her head.'

This type of sacrificial beauty never seen much
but still exists with in the heart of a village princess
Who smiles and walks around as if the world is the grandest place
Beauty sets upon her tanned face

Robert Browne 20 August 2006

This poem really is dreamy. Thanks for sharing. Bob

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