Abortion Poem by Fernando Alvarez


Rating: 2.8

Please forgive me
I never meant to be
I loved you but I had to let you free
You died because of me
Your mother never wanted you to live

I didn't wanted you to suffer
Would you have been ok just with a father?
Will I be in depression forever?
Your mother couldn´t take it
So she asked if she could get rid of you
She always wanted to
I used to tell her no
I would have done anything for you

But why bring you if you would have grown with lies?
I told her; you're free to do it if you want
There was no point on having you
She seemed forced to because of me

I had big plans for you
I loved you
Not even knowing who you were going to be

Your life was over
There was no hope
We killed you
And now I cry for help
Your life is now down the drain
I'll never forgive my self
For killing someone of my own
I'm so sorry for letting you go

Obinna Nwerem 27 July 2005

first...i took a moment before i wrote this..i always promised myself that if i get a girl pregnant, that i am going to have that baby no matte how poor or how bad my life condition is. everyone got the right to live...this is a good poem, i always wanted to write one, but i couldnt find the words...Good Poem! !

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