Suicide Poem by Fernando Alvarez


Rating: 3.9

Suicide is the answer
To many questions asked.
It hides inside of you
But it will be unmasked.
It knows it has power
Over many girls and boys.
It treats people as
If we were little toys.
So will you listen to suicide
And one day take your life?
Think hard before you
Decide to pick up the knife.

Jasbir Chatterjee 04 July 2015

last 2 lines are the best: Think hard before you Decide to pick up the knife.

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Stephen W 04 July 2015

Breaks the rhythm. I prefer: - Think very hard before you Finally raise the knife.

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Jackie Kinniard 12 November 2005

i really really liked thins poem it is so true i hope u wirte some more poems

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ainsly richard 24 November 2005

Suicide is the answer-since when whats the question. what makes Suicide the answer? its not the answer. apart from that this poem is so very true and its a shame X AMBER X

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Jim Foulk 08 January 2007

what makes you think suicide is the answer, it is not. Suicide is the final answer, but you will never know what might have been. it is a well written poem, but with no real answers.except keep trying.

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Chris 23 September 2020

This was shit

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Anyomous 29 April 2018

Why is suicide not the answer

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nathaniel touch 20 February 2018

This was a shity poem

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Kim Barney 04 July 2015

To Michael Joseph, whose comment is below: It's true that this particular poem was posted ten years ago, but actually this poet has posted on this site as recently as 2011. To everyone: Suicide is NEVER the answer.

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Michael Joseph 04 July 2015

Another rather weak poem posted 10 years ago by a 'poet' that stopped contributing a decade ago too, has been given prominence over the many wonderful, active members here. C'mon, PH! !

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