Abuses.... Poem by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi


Whenever I see the people,
Those play with the dope,
Sitting on the high chair,
Sipping in little by little,
Inhale the crushed smoke,
They can’t resist the instincts,
To go for another round,
Until their senses are bent,
Not legal even to drive,
The cars on the empty roads,

They are too brave,
To believe the outside world,
They can be easily framed,
They can be readily cheated,
They are the fools to spoil their organs,
Cough the nasty germs out,
They are rearing fondly in the lungs,
They are no more useful to anyone,
Once they reach the stage of drunk,
High and start to have wild dreams,

Once upon a time I was scared,
Looking at the relatives and friends,
For they have chosen the wrong,
Everyone has to leave,
None stays here permanent,
Leaving the world with such a pain,
Regretting for the careless actions,
When there is no cure and medicine,
Human look very haunted and weak,

I have been there for them,
To have moral support,
Listening to their troubles and dreams,
Curses from them go to their accomplishes,
Who are mostly absent, when they are expected,
The lonely human in many beds and hospitals,
May expect many of you to be their replacement.

out of ten, what chance you have, to quit,
out of ten what choice you have to be healthy,
out of ten what decision you make to live happily,
out of ten, what you can do to live beyond sixty.

Tirupathi Chandrupatla 26 January 2014

The poem looks at harsh realities. Hope we can find solution.

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Gajanan Mishra 25 January 2014

good writing really, I like it and its forms. thanks.

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