Accepting Your Lot In Life Poem by Paul Buttigieg

Accepting Your Lot In Life

There are rare examples nowadays of family units strong
Who love and grow together in journey's of happiness long
Times are changing now it seems many families fall apart
Staying together and compromising seems a totally forgotten art
Mum leaves Dad or Dad leaves Mum is such common place
But their brief love affair with some help from God gave you that face
Siblings fall apart for a myriad of reasons rarely understood
Reconciliation is a must for valued family members be you bad or good
Don't blame your Mum and Dad or suggest a sister and brother is to blame
Have a look into that mirror of yours and you'll see who's to shame
Be grateful when the tadpoles swam you made the front of the queue
Because there were millions of hopefuls who tried to be successful just like you
And when you think I can never forgive another member of my kin
Remember both of you are related and warmly wrapped in similar skin
Parents never set out hating or planning for life to fall apart
Life was joyful and full of promises it was excitement at the start
Siblings, children and all related kin can still be a powerful family force
Side taking and blame should never automatically follow divorce
So wake up tomorrow as I did willing to forgive and reflect
There is no value in separation of friendship family and respect
So accept your lot in life and go back to that million tadpole river
And thank your lucky stars the stork chose you as the only one he'd deliver

Copyright Paolo 2021-06-21

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