Ach Der Reim!

Rating: 1.5

All poetry, says Greenwolfe must
be rhyming lest it's bound to bust
from deep within its heart of prose
non-rhyming stuff is on the nose!
Says Carter, let me tell you folks
most English poets (please no jokes)
wrote stuff that never rhymed at all
therefore, its logical to call
all prose of class and lacking rhyme
the pride of this, our modern time.
Lamont butts in with more astute
and somewhat sensical and cute
assessment of what he himself
gleaned from a book on his bookshelf.
The arguments resurface often
and never have begun to soften,
it seems that stubborn sets of mind
prohibit folks from being kind
and make them silly all the same
their stance both laughable and lame.
So, poetry as well as prose
may entertain and please both those
who have an ear for finer tunes
and those, who, born with silver spoons
had Shakespeare read to them at birth
so they'd appreciate the earth
and what it had for them in store.
So, later they would want some more
and dabbled, either in the sports
or other pasttime things of sorts
and some were drawn to poetry
which let them feel the harmony
of their own words and those of others
at first they'd read their stuff to mothers
much later, usually a teacher
who, bored, was looking for a feature
in class while he would rest his brain
thus poems came, would often gain
unfair advantage in the crowd
especially if read out loud.
So let me close with this my friends:
You don't know how the story ends,
meanwhile enjoy both both prose and rhyme
since neither really is a crime.