Act Before It Is Lost Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Act Before It Is Lost

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Can lame scale the highest peak?
If God is pleased, even if he is weak
When mentally retarded can understand and speak?
You can retain your position even if others try to break

If God is merciful then everything is possible
Dead can come to life and strong can crumble
The land may turn infertile and there won't be any trace
We will face the destruction if fallen out of grace

People loose the faith when caught in cross fire
They had so far not prayed almighty and admired
It was their uncommitted faith that had kept them alive
They were in this world even if they did not believe

God doesn't disgrace those who are non believer
Even though they are burden on earth and unable to deliver
There may be hardly few or to be found in some section
We can never appreciate or digest their reaction

They don't come into terms and realize of their well being
They may be ruling on vast land with authority as king
They may be cruel on their subjects and not very kind
We have seen and witnessed their down fall like that of wind

One final blow may unseat them all
There won't be any escape even if they pray and call
The wind may deliver final blow with possible rout
No one will come to know about their fate or where about

Have you witnessed the sea turning rough during journey?
Can any one bring it under control with the help of money?
Who can come to your rescue when it is shot sure to sink?
Only prayers and good work if you had maintained the link

He is there to protect us all the time and in crisis
There is no particular science or thesis
It is firm belief and total faith towards almighty
He is there to smile on us without any pity

The showers can down pour with all its force
You may be waiting for its arrival with remorse
You may loose the path even if carefully chosen
Relation may sever and stand always frozen

Stay ablaze from within but pretend very calm
Go on seeding with pouring of water in farm
It will not grow fully until it showers heavily
You may come to sense when it grows really

This is how you come into being and grow with confidence
He is always there to avoid any unpleasant incidence
You may still deny His existence and walk on barren land
You may live here aimlessly without any friend

Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
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