George Hunter

Addict - Poem by George Hunter

Today I woke up at 6-2-0
And started by doing a line of blow.
This made me see things that are not so
Like aliens flying a U F O.
Figured I'd better switch my meds
So I took a handfull of pills called Reds.
This made me feel plenty all reet
So I doffed my clothes and ran up the street.
A lady complained that I was scaring her kid
So I went back inside my house and hid.
Later I was feeling more hip
So I took LSD and went on a trip.
That didn't turn out well and I ended up in
St. Elizabeth's Hospital's looney bin.
Gave me a lobotomy and some electric shocks
Now I can't even put on my socks.
Finally escaped, went to Tijuana
And scored a big bag of marijuana.
Smoked that weed til it came outta my ears
And I began losing all of my fears.
Then I started drinking to maintain my high
And got arrested on a DUI.
Didn't even try to get some bail
‘Cause you can get good drugs when you're in jail.
So give up on me, I'm having my fun
Once an addict, always one!

Topic(s) of this poem: humor

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 8, 2014

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