A Strange Custom Poem by George Hunter

A Strange Custom

Rating: 5.0

As I was walking down the path
In my head I did some higher math.
They say that one and one makes two
But I know that that's not always true
'Cause sometimes one on one makes three
It's quite confusing don't you see.
The numbers don't add up to me.
And if you live down by the Bay
You're apt to swing the other way.
And here's what makes it even worse
The Bible says it is a curse.
In that case one plus one makes none
It's just having some forbidden fun.
These transgressors we must smite
The Bible says it's only right.
So gather round, they made their bed
And we must stone them til they're dead.
This strange custom makes me doubt
And wonder what Christianity is all about.

Eugene Levich 02 April 2014

Very witty and very funny! You're a Hunter of big games!

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Pandian Angelina 02 April 2009

Combining social and spiritual issues with such subtility and fine balance, thoughtful enough to make us think of our self righteous pride and true spirit of Christianity being forgiveness and brotherhood. A beautiful poem.

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~ Jon London ~ 01 April 2009

A fantastic use of poetic rhyme, i admire your craftmanship sir, well penned

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 01 April 2009

What a deep thinker you are... like it George. You made me think, you made me smile and then as stoning is still carried out, it made me remember. Good movement throughout. -Well written -Cindy

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 February 2009

You have a three line end rhyme, in with a poem that has two line end rhymes. I guess it is an oversight. It is odd. I loved the poem otherwise. I thought the rhymes and the rhythm were very good. I much approve of this poem. GW62

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