Adopt The Girl Child. Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Adopt The Girl Child.

Think about the unbelievably unsurpassable amount of happiness that you'd be
perpetuating in her life; by wholesomely freeing her from the clutches of the disdainfully incarcerated orphanage,

Think about the endless odes of blissful love that she'd receive; amidst the philanthropically synergistic members of your unceasingly caring family,

Think about the perennial smiles that would so royally enlighten her tear-strained face; never ever leaving her blessed countenance; when she would uninhibitedly sway in your arms; and towards the fathomless sky,

Think about the egalitarian education and ardent courage that you'd be providing her; granting her the most invincible opportunity to walk shoulder to shoulder with the global machismo society,

Think about the compassionate shelter that you'd be granting to her forlornly impoverished and tiny little persona; being her sole source of quintessential light even in the most murderously blasphemous of night,

Think about the unassailable mountains of respect that you'd be inculcating in her diminutive brain; as you taught her that every religion; caste; creed and organism on this boundless Universe; was pricelessly and inimitably alike,

Think about every step that she walked being moulded with eternal prosperity; as you harnessed it with your euphoric breath; before she even dared to step,

Think about every mundanely treacherous moment of her life being metamorphosed into a paradise of unlimited happiness; as she uninhibitedly poured even the most inconspicuous thing of her heart; near to your unshakable chest,

Think about all those succulently salubrious morsels of food that you'd feed her with all her destined life; never ever letting her fantasize about the world with hunger and ruthless drought,

Think about even the most infinitesimal of her non-invasive desire being quenched to the fullest and even beyond infinite infinity; as you fought the entire acrimoniously ribald planet; to bring all blessed creativity into her innocuously outstretched palms,

Think about the artist that you'd be so unconquerably harnessing in each of her transient senses; with every of your blood; body and inimitably blazing breath,

Think about the insurmountable tenacity that you'd be permeating in her body and soul; to take upon the mantle of all diabolically sacrilegious on this planet; with you forever as her lone savior,

Think about the infallibly interminable identity that you'd be blessing her with; altruistically granting her not only your name and surname; but an inexhaustible ardor to be just her very ownself,

Think about the countless nights that you'd stand invincible guard to her while she impeccably snored; not permitting even the most infidel trace of tawdry profanity touch her divinely skin,

Think about all those unparalleled pleasureful moments when you'd teach her to walk on her own feet; being like the Omnipotent Creator in her life to timelessly guide her towards the heavens of righeousness,

Think about the innumerable lines of Omniscient Poetry; the limitless number of paintings that you'd be sublimed to make upon her Godly aura; and thereby be blessed with the most truthfully effulgent profession on the trajectory of earth divine,

Think about being the sole lantern of fathomless love in her miserably impoverished life; a lantern whose flames would forever erase even the most evanescent of her memory of being venomously orphaned,

Think about all those countless breaths of yours; that you would so heart-renderingly use to magically heal her every inexplicably traumatic wound; miraculously coalescing her ecstatically vibrant form with the cradle of the Omnipresent divine,

Think about being encompassed by an infinite more of her innocent little kind; being addressed by so many names such as 'Father, Mother', 'Grandfather; Grandmother'; as she would wonderfully procreate your tribe in the coming centuries and times,

And if after marriage; both of you are still childless; then just don't think or contemplate any further on anything; just blindfold your eyes with the wand of unconquerable love overruling all; and forever and ever and ever; adopt the immortally twinkling and divinely little girl child.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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