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Advant Garde Ruptured - Poem by Mikel Calcagno

Ablaze with passion rising
with the distant twilight wind
Endowed in serenity
Only to be cast down by pain

What is pain?
An ill constructed metamorphosis
Of rationality gone sour?
Good for nothing other than
Self regulated depression.
To think and to feel is all.
And when emptiness is a bedmate
Who holds you in her arms at night?
When loneliness is not a feeling
So much as a way of life,
What then is our rationality?
Rationality pulls at the worms
Of cogency like a hungry ha-de-da
Dismembering each one,
Tasting the earth of our existences
And then discarding them for dead.
I could be rational; to what end?
So I can justify my pain, my
Depression, my cogency of emptiness?
If I must feel the way I do
I ask just one favour:
That you do not rationalize me
And condemn me to some
Pseudo justifiable existence.
Life is only rational when you forget to live

So listen up for all those mundane insidious fags
who find pleasure in bringing people down
I lost too many friends who have taken their life all thanks to your mediocre disdain
I'm NOT SORRY for the severity I deem fit to throw in your face, but I do feel sorry for all those who've strived thru the pleasure of other people's pain just to make it thru ONE day

'Your exploitation and genocide is REALLY getting on my nerves and I have to let this out before I write another depressing blog... Don't think of this as depressing, think of this as a blog to YOU! ! ! This isn't poetry... I refuse to call this anything more than what it already is...It's me be fairly blunt and right to the point... Nothing I write is poetry so don't think of this as a poem or anything of the sort...I write because I'm an aural learner and when I hear and see what people go thru, it's bothers me...It bothers me even more that I've lost too many friends that've taken their own lives because YOU made them feel like nothing... One simple sentence drive one to take his or her own life... So be careful of what you say and how you view people, they take it more to heart more than you know...'

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 9, 2006

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