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I light another melted candle
Stop to think about anything worth thinking of
Come to no conclusions
Take each step as it comes

Pensive Thot...

it's been like this forever
trudging thru imperfections like a feather sifting thru the wind
I don't know if I wanna take this anymore
If there's a point then you have to prove to me that you're worth the everything I must save


Seething I breathe a subtle purpose
Anger rising scratching the surface
Bleeding I convey the chains I've wrapped around my veins
Pushed as I fall, I'm inclined to hate


She met a razor blade with an ambiguous look in her eyes
She amorously succumbed her every thought as it catered itself to her pain
Each scar she made cut with an artful dexterity
The monument she created douse in her pain

Razor-Blade Suitcase

I’m looking around taking in what’s there
Sinking into it
Succumbing to my fears
What if I’m wrong?

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“ALL ABOUT ME…” By: Mikel Calcagno I bury my head in the crook of my arm, my gaze in no particular direction, the floor, the ceiling, anywhere safe from eye contact. Any type of conversation with me is filled with silent drawn out moments of awkward contemplation. When I do speak, I go slowly, sound kind exhausted by the endeavor of choosing words. ...

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