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Angel dear
sit by my side
hold my hand
kiss my eyes

We donot see
what we see
even as we see

i have had my due
of poets and poetry
that maddening addictive
occupying the space of my mind

The knowledge of
not knowing
is what
keeps me going.

a shade too dark to be fair
a shade too fair to be dark-skinned
they found it a bit difficult to label her.

Its what I like the best about my home
the endless repetition of acts
the washing of the spoon,
cleaning the kitchen.

I have seen you up close
over and again
many times over

A dry soundless scream is stiffled
nails sink in and head shakes violently

hair is strewn and swollen breasts heave

When death came calling
she found me snoring

having found me thus

She spread her arms
and he took her in
holding her lightly
he travelled swiftly

Long ago the Indian soil
was graced by a saint and his disciple
who traversed long distances
of mind, knowledge and spaces.

A sun beam in a rain drop
a tree in a seed
a man in an embryo
the embryo in me.

I walk the skies
sip in the air
jump the roads
pluck hopes.

this day here at this place
seek your heaven in her face

this minute hither in her company

Wasn't it yesterday, my lord
that you held my hand
walked down a mile
smiling at me

Bolster the soul
with vaccines of hatred and insults
injected time and again

The little devil walks up
-head bowed,
a picture of repentance

come, befriend me
but be forewarned
i welcome not the faint-hearted
for i am what i am;

These tears
will maul you
taunt you

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a teacher by profession and a learner by inclination)

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An Anthem To An Angel

Angel dear
sit by my side
hold my hand
kiss my eyes

angel dear
ever since you came
hopes fluttered
dreams danced

angel dear
when I felt you then
stirring inside
I knew how well I loved you.

angel dear
each day with you
each smile we share
each hug we hold
has transformed me so

angel dear
through your eyes
I see the world
your dreams mine
your fears mine

angel dear
holding you close
your lips clucking
you clutching my curls
your dimpling smile

angel dear
your waking me up
searching and then sleeping
running to me crying
laughing on seeing me (gregariously)

angel dear
I cant thank you enough
nor love you enough
nor hold you enough
nor kiss those coveted cheeks enough

angel dear
your first poem
your first speech
the teacher pulling your cheeks
the tear on your knees

angel dear
your first trophy
your first fight
your first dare

angel dear
as I see you each day
I cant begin to believe my luck
seeing you grow up
unbelievably, incredibly
beautiful from within

angel dear
I cannot
but wish for you
wishes that grow
with every sigh

angel dear
let love wait by your side
grateful for every smile
let earth and sky be
as it is to us, mostly kind
let there be trees to guard
fruits to grace your table
vegetables to add strength
old folk to advise
young ones to look up to you
your equals to take pride
in knowing you
and honoured you will be
for all that you do

and gracefully as you age
spreading love, wisdom and kindness
giving and losing for love
gaining strength and giving it
the world will rejoice
having you around
for there's none so like you....

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Tinku 12 December 2019

Are we talking about Geeta Atmaram from Palakkad.

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Daphne Grant 04 March 2008

Hallo sreelekha-premjit Nice work, Very mysterious and lively Daphne Grant

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Even pillars need a break.

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