! ! ! ! Celebrating Women's Day! ! ! ! ! Poem by Mamta Agarwal

! ! ! ! Celebrating Women's Day! ! ! ! !

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When God sat down to make a woman
He gave her empathy love and compassion,
By the time he finished with her
He had no more left for the man.

He gave her the ability to be a mother
And nurture and take care of others.
Slowly, on reflecting, it dawned on her
She was being treated like a piece of furniture.

At first she resigned to her fate
Bore the indifference of her progeny and mate.
Slowly she realised she didn’t have to be a victim,
And didn’t have to be at the mercy or everyone’s whims.

She knew it was not going to be an easy battle to be won,
Yet she took on everyone.
She began to firmly express her views
And waited to get her due.

At first it didn’t go down well with anyone,
They wondered if she had been possessed by a demon.
Men were not amused,
In fact they were confused.

We give her food, clothes and roof over her head,
But the woman had empowered herself to earn her own bread,
Car, house and thus managed to redeem,
With her hard work her self esteem.

She had made a tough choice,
And finally had a voice
Men tried very hard to keep her in her place
And made sure she got no space.

They were not at par,
This is a question I have to ask the Lord.
So there was a war,
Did man pay a ransom to God?

No matter what a woman achieves,
She rarely receives
The acknowledgement which she deserves.
Yet she is able to preserve

Her sanity and peace.
And learn to live with dis-ease,
Then her inner voice whispered to her,
Don’t resign just pamper

His ego, and give him the credit
For all the merit.
Watch how his chest swells with pride
And he might be on your side.

Men actually never grow up,
So from time to time pump
Them up with a hug and a fancy meal.
It will make them feel

Like a king while you smile.
It’s not all that difficult to use a little guile.
Silly women you haven’t gone about it the right way,
Use your soft, cunning, clever, gentle voice and say

I am so proud to be wearing this wedding band.
Chances are he will be eating out of your hand.
You only stand to gain
Even if you feign.

So go ahead and do your own thing,
Let him feel you owe him your sense of well being.
Women’s liberation never went down well with men
So don’t chant what women want while you are in your den
While you laze around sipping your wine
Don’t be surprised if he sheepishly asks, ‘will you like to go out to dine? '

God you made us smart
Right from the start.
It took us a long time to realise
And become cool, calm and wise,
To use enlightened manipulation
With a subtle passion
While having our own way
So that he may
Feel we were just following his command,
And there was no reason to feel alarmed.

If he says he wants to bond with his male friends,
Smile and say go I have lots of errands
There is no point to sulk and wait,
Till he returns and opens the gate.

Use this time to make sure
You have a good time even if you just go for a pedicure.
Indulge in your famous past times
While sipping soda and lime.

Chances are when you have both had your space,
You won’t have to face
Cold vibes and bad temper,
This will only hamper

You from a good night sleep,
While you helplessly weep
While he sleeps and snores by your side,
And you swallow your pride.

Women love yourselves, and put youselves first
But please you must
Not voice it at all
This way I promise you will have a ball.

Vidyadhar Durgekar 21 March 2008

Amazingly written.............excellent work with compassion for the womanhood

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Abha Sharma 21 March 2008

Bless Me.. I am all yours is of the same stream.... I ve no words to appreciate it.... Genuine....

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 06 November 2008

You're the woman championing women, with your hardcore poem! ! Heavily ladden poetically! i love woman extremely and this piece comforts me suitably.Thanks Mamta! !

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Maree Clarkson 10 August 2009

If this is the kind of advice women are following, then no wonder women of the world have to 'fight' for 'rights', which 'rights' is only a perception in the mind of the perceiver.

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Lynda Robson 17 March 2009

A brilliant write celebrating women, you have summed up the female race so well Mamta, thanks Lynda xx 10

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If you think that "God" is a "He", what kind woman are you? Why is it that God can not be a "She"?

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Part 2. The only point I fail to understand is that, why the poem is named "Celebrating Women's Day"? It is not a thought which should be restricted to women's day. But, everyday, every man!

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Marvellous poem. Powerfully states why woman is the stronger gender. And asks the most pertinent question why should she be treated otherwise?

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joey ratsoma 07 August 2020

woow very powerful am impressed can u please send me more poems on my e mail

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Chinedu Dike 14 September 2019

An insight tribute to womanhood well articulated and nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing, Mamta.

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