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! ! ! ! Celebrating Women's Day! ! ! ! !

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When God sat down to make a woman
He gave her empathy love and compassion,
By the time he finished with her
He had no more left for the man.

He gave her the ability to be a mother
And nurture and take care of others.
Slowly, on reflecting, it dawned on her
She was being treated like a piece of furniture.

At first she resigned to her fate
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Vidyadhar Durgekar 21 March 2008

Amazingly written.............excellent work with compassion for the womanhood

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Abha Sharma 21 March 2008

Bless Me.. I am all yours is of the same stream.... I ve no words to appreciate it.... Genuine....

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 06 November 2008

You're the woman championing women, with your hardcore poem! ! Heavily ladden poetically! i love woman extremely and this piece comforts me suitably.Thanks Mamta! !

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Maree Clarkson 10 August 2009

If this is the kind of advice women are following, then no wonder women of the world have to 'fight' for 'rights', which 'rights' is only a perception in the mind of the perceiver.

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Lynda Robson 17 March 2009

A brilliant write celebrating women, you have summed up the female race so well Mamta, thanks Lynda xx 10

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joey ratsoma 07 August 2020

woow very powerful am impressed can u please send me more poems on my e mail

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Chinedu Dike 14 September 2019

An insight tribute to womanhood well articulated and nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing, Mamta.

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Clavdia 25 February 2018

Can you translate it in french Would you be able to help me make my own poem

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Elena Sandu 13 December 2016

Happy to read your poems again, always plenty of things to learn, thank you for sharing, brilliant courageous celebration, cheers!

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Uma Ram 22 March 2016

Thanks for sharing mam...keep inspiring

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