Afraid To Cry Poem by Frankie Stones

Afraid To Cry

My heart was pumping gout of my chest. Beating and with every beat I realised more and more what had happen what I had done what had happened. He told me he loved me but he was just like all the others he used me abused me and then left my soul for dead, I was afraid to cry for I feared if I did start to cry I would cry my heart out and even after losing that I would not stop for the deep sorrow inside of me was more than any of my emotions could show. I wanted to feel the warmth of his words but then realised that his words had turned into daggers each one stabbing my deeper leaving unforgettable scares on my battered heart. He said he would be different not like the other and he wasn’t he was worse; he abused everything I had, everything I was. He didn’t care about me. He was only after one thing and once he had got it he was done. I had only one thing to describe my feelings for him now and that was a hate a deep hate more of a loathing against him as I hated him every last bit the thought of him made my skin crawl and I couldn’t help but think I had caused this myself.

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