A Fear Poem by Frankie Stones

A Fear

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I didn't know what to do,
I was trapped,
A prisoner,
A slave,
I had nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide,
Nowhere to go,
And nowhere to cry,
I'm all alone in this world
I have no shoulder to cry on,
No person to love,
Nothing to look forward to,
Yet I go on,
I live my life
In fear of everything,
I fear I will never find love,
I will never feel the warmness inside,
That I long to feel,
The warm touch of someone close,
That I wish to feel,
I will never find,
That I will always love,
The soul mate,
I'm always thinking of.
What is there left in this world for me?
Nothing or is it just worth waiting,
Just to see,
What might happen?
And will I ever become free.

Lesley Farrow 23 August 2007

Live life and make the most of it, everyone has fears honey just reading this I can feel you have a lot of talent so put away the fears and pain, we only have one life and yours is just beginning x

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David Barlow 20 August 2007

You are still young Frankie, all you wish will come your way, just look after it when it does. Lose the fear, live and have fun it will all come your way one day. Take care and have fun. David

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Donall Dempsey 20 August 2007

I don't know another human being who doesn't feel like this at sometime or another. It's the human conditon. I don't believe that people are meant to be alone...people are people in order to be together and to love and be loved. But judging by your words and thoughts and how you articulate themI think you will be able to come through and solve for your self this eternal question. I'm betting on ya! love Donall

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Anita Blake 29 May 2007

i think the same thoughts everyday. That to is my biggest fear.

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